Courses 2017

Summerschool Eindhoven 2017 offers the course:

Experience it: Coaching for Success

  • Experience it: Coaching for Success

    The main goal of Experience It: Coaching for Success is to provide you with a rich experience in coaching and success. It is about your personal development, your talents, setting goals, making your own choices, and doing what you want and what makes you happy! You will learn lots about behavior, coaching and health. We will also work on your self-confidence, where the aim is to have you experience success in many fields. Applied psychology theory will be offered in an integrated way (integrated into coaching practice). After the summer school, you will have received a lasting impulse in your development, which you take with you to utilize your own degree study.

    What can you expect from us?

    A class size of both international and Dutch students ( 12 – 26 students). Your lecturers are experienced in their field of knowledge. The program is designed to be interactive, and there will be many practical assignments.

    What do we expect from you?

    You are interested in the subject of the program, your English is sufficient, you have an open mind, you want to work hard but also want to take part in the exciting social and cultural activities which show you the highlights of Eindhoven and the Netherlands.


    7 August – 18 August 2017


    Each participant receives a certificate of completion for 3 ECTS

    Class size

    12-26 students