Visa information

To enter the Netherlands for the purpose of studying, you may require a visa and/or a residence permit, depending on the following factors:

  • Your nationality, i.e. as stated in your passport.
  • The duration of your stay, i.e. for less or more than three months.
  • The purpose of your stay, i.e. we assume that you intend coming to the Netherlands to study, or for a preparatory year.

Start your preparations early

The Fontys University of Applied Sciences has an agreement with the Dutch Immigration & Naturalisation Service (the ‘IND’) to apply for Entry Visas and Residence Permits on behalf of its students. The required procedure will be commenced before you travel to Holland. As a student, you may not apply for your own Entry Visa and/or Residence Permit. You will find more information in this brochure: Coming to study in the Netherlands. You can also use the web tool Pathfinder, which you can find in the navigation on the left, to find information especially for your situation.
Although the ‘IND’ generally processes applications within two weeks, we recommend that you start the process early, i.e. approximately three months before you plan to enter Holland, as it may take some time for you to gather all of the required documentation.

Students from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cameroon and Nigeria have to be aware they have to transfer the full refundable amount of the living expenses (10.800 euro for the first year ) to the bank account of Fontys. Proof by financial documents you have access to this amount will not be accepted. Please note that the visa process for students with a nationality from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cameroon and Nigeria will take 3 months. Fontys therefore counts an application process of 5 months for these students. Consequently, the application deadlines for these students differ from the regular deadline: 
Application deadline for students from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cameroon and Nigeria:
September intake – 31st of March
February intake – 31st of August
Fontys will arrange accommodation for students from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cameroon and Nigeria. The rent (12 months + deposit) will be withheld from the living expenses and directly transferred to the landlord. In this case no other housing payments have to be made before the start of your study. The remaining amount of living expenses will be transferred to your new Dutch bank account.

Entry Visa / Authorisation for Temporary Stay (‘MVV’)

All non-EU/EEA students entering the Netherlands will require an Entry Visa (‘MVV’), except nationals from Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, the USA and Vatican City State. This Entry Visa is a sticker that is placed in your passport and is issued by the Dutch embassy or consulate in your country of origin.

Residence Permit (‘VVR’)

All those who enter the Netherlands with or without an Entry Visa (‘MVV’) and who wish to stay for a period of longer than three months, are obliged to apply for a ‘Verblijfsvergunning regulier’, or ‘VVR’ (a Residence Permit). The Immigration Officer will send the application to the Dutch Immigration & Naturalisation Service (‘IND’) on your behalf. Your Residence Permit will be ready soon after your arrival in the Netherlands.

The most important conditions to which you must adhere as a student.

You must be registered for a full-time, daytime course.
You must also have sufficient money to support yourself in the Netherlands
You must obtain sufficient educational progress. You must attain at least half of the number of study points per study year
You must have at least a health care insurance. Your educational institution will check this at the end of every study year.

If you do not meet this conditions anymore your educational institution has to report this to the IND. The IND can withdraw your residence permit.

Change permit s​tudy or orientation year into Fontys study

If your are a Non EU student having a residence permit Study or Orientation Year and you want to start a Fontys study, the status of your residence permit has to be screened.

Your study department has to send a request to​ start the Fontys visa procedure to Student administration International to screen your residence permit and your personal data. You can not do this yourself.

Only if your residence permit has been screened and assessed positively, Fontys will be your referent and your residence will be valid for your study period at Fontys.​​

The visa application procedure:

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Consult the website Study in Holland

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