Practical information

Important documents

What to have on hand upon your arrival in the Netherlands:

  • Your passport, including a ‘Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf’, or ‘MVV’ (an ‘Authorisation for Temporary Stay’) if you are a student hailing from a country for which an Entry Visa is required.
  • Sufficient funds for the expenses that you will incur during the first month of your stay. You will need to take into account payment for your accommodation (including a security bond) and your general living expenses.
  • Written confirmation of your enrolment at Fontys.
  • Proof of (medical) insurance cover.
  • Important addresses and telephone numbers (e.g. contact numbers for Fontys, your accommodation, your country’s embassy, et cetera).

Practical information

The following suggestions are for items that may be useful upon your arrival in Holland. Of course, these will vary depending upon your personal needs:

  • Basic clothing and personal items (don’t forget a raincoat and an umbrella)
  • Instructions to locate your country’s embassy/consulate
  • Passport photos (5 to 10 photos should be sufficient, measuring 35 mm wide x 45 mm high
  • Medical records
  • Information about opening a Dutch bank account you will find here