Writing in English

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Study load

Ten three-hour sessions: 16.00 – 19.00 hrs. (plus 3-5 hours self-study per week).

Entry requirements

CEF level B2-C2       

All candidates for the Writing in English course (except those with a valid certificate showing an appropriate level) do a so called placement test, a digital test and a writing assignment, to ensure they are at the correct level for this course. Should the level indicate a B1 score you will, unfortunately, not be able to register. The test costs 50 euros and is NOT included in the course price.


The purpose of this course is to help you develop the academic writing skills you need to deal effectively with the writing and research you will need to carry out during your studies. This course will particularly focus on writing for a specific academic purpose, working on effective writing strategies, detailed comprehension of sentences and paragraphs, and text analysis.


When you are writing in another language, you not only need to deal with the vocabulary and grammatical aspects of your text, but also understand the writing conventions associated with it. This can be particularly challenging with academic texts where the written conventions are even more important. This course will help you in two ways by:

· Providing you with guided instruction on how to understand the structure of academic texts

· Giving you the opportunity to practise writing in a similar context to the one you will use in your future studies


You  are required to complete a project in your own academic subject area, an extended writing assignment, in which the scaffolding tasks will be gradually withdrawn. You are, however, also provided with a reading purpose, encouraging you to learn to read. This should generate a ´selective´ reading approach helping you deal with the hundreds of pages you may be confronted with during your (future) academic courses.

You will be expected to enhance your writing through drafting and redrafting. You are encouraged and expected to generate ideas, organize them, evaluate what you are writing and identify clearly what your writing purpose is. Revision is essential, not just editing, but reorganizing and/or modifying the text, clarifying your ideas through expansion or rephrasing. You are supposed to take responsibility for your own learning on the path to full independence.

Course materials

Students need to order:
Slaght, J;McCormack, J, (2012), English for Academic Study: Extended Writing & Research Skills
Garnet Publishing Ltd. ISBN 978-1-90861-430-8
Price: £ 15.00



You receive a certificate of attendance, if you are present for 80% or more of the lessons, which will be accompanied by a results slip

Group size

The course will only start if there are 8 or more participants with a maximum of 12.

Course fee

The fee for our Academic Writing course is €  725,00.
Extra costs that are not included in the course fee:

Placement test:                   €  50,00
Books  approximately           €  17,50


The next course starts on 27 September 2017 in Tilburg. Register here!

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