NT2 module A2

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From level A1 to A2


Once you have started learning the basics of the Dutch language, you will need to invest a lot of time studying and practising new material. At this stage, you will expand your knowledge and skills very rapidly. We will be building on what was studied in ‘Module 1’.


Reach CEF level A2 for Dutch reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.


Lessons are structured in a way to encourage students to communicate in Dutch. The largest part of the classroom time is used for practising new material in various ways. Of course, there is also time for questions and explanations of grammar and vocabulary.


Students study a unit from the textbook each week. The last weeks of the module are allocated for revision and a test. The language of instruction is Dutch were possible, and English were needed.


  1. Leeuw, E. de, Roël, P., Cornax, A., Contact! Nederlands voor anderstaligen, tekstboek.
    Intertaal, 2014. ISBN 978 94 6030 1346
  2. Leeuw, E. de, Roël, P., Cornax, A., Contact! Nederlands voor anderstaligen, werkboek. Intertaal, 2014. ISBN 978 94 6030 1353

Please note: books are not included in the course; you need to buy them yourself and take them with you at the first lesson!

Group size

Minimum: 10 students.

Entry requirements

Diploma of higher secondary education and English skills at least CEF level B1.
Module Dutch Skills 1 or CEF intake test result Dutch A1.

If you have no official proof of your level, then we will ask you to take a digital intake test. The test costs 50 euros and is NOT included in the course price.
Please note that eligibility is subject to approval by the Dutch co-ordinator. A conversation in English about your motivation might be part of the entry requirements.

Practical information

  • Location: Eindhoven and Tilburg
  • Day of class: Monday, Wednesday and Friday (subject to changes)
  • Course fee: €1100,-
  • Duration: 7 weeks


Next course will start 23 April. Registration is not possible yet.

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