Dutch as a Foreign Language

The Dutch as a Second Language Course consists of a number of modules. The course may be entered at the beginning of each module. To join modules 2 to 4 candidates are required to do a digital intake test, which costs 50 euros.

For more information on the CEF-levels referred to in the descriptions of the various modules, please click here.

Please note: this NT2 curriculum is unsuitable for international Bachelor and Master students looking for a pre-course due to the fact that the duration of the complete course (CEFR A1 to B2) takes 1,5 years at least. For more information regarding specific language requirements of course programmes, please contact the Fontys institution of your choice.

The courses

Do you live in the Netherlands and do you want to pass the exam 'Staatsexamen I or II'? At the FLOT-Academy you can study Dutch in preparation for this 'Staatsexamen'. Our academy is focussed mainly towards more highly-educated students and thus the pace of the study programmes is fairly fast.

DUO loan

The NT2 courses of the FLOT-Academy have been awarded the ‘Blik op Werk’ (Work in View) quality rating. This means that you may borrow the money needed to pay for the course from the Education Executive Agency (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs or DUO). However, you will not receive any payments into your own bank account. Rather, DUO will pay the invoices you receive for the language course and the exam, putting you in their debt, and you will need to pay these amounts back to DUO later, with interest. You can find more information on the DUO website.

Register now! Here is how:

  1. Apply for a loan from the DUO. Within a few weeks you should receive a letter confirming your loan and stating the maximum amount you may borrow.
  2. Decide which course you would like to take with us.
  3. Now register with the FLOT-Academy:
    a. Click the registration button on thecourse page of your choice.
    b. You will receive a confirmation by email immediately.