Cambridge English Language course (FCE/CAE)

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This English language Course is the ideal course for you if you regularly use written and spoken English for work, or study at an intermediate or advanced (B1/B2/C1) level. It helps you improve your English and gives you the opportunity to take the Cambridge ESOL exam - your first step towards gaining higher Cambridge ESOL qualifications such as the First Certificate of English (FCE), Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) or the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE).


The goal of this English course is to raise the level of your English to upper-intermediate (B2) or advanced (C1) level. The course ends with an optional official FCE or CAE exam at the British Council. Of course, we encourage all our students to take the exam! Please note: the exam fee is NOT included in the course fee.

Entry requirements

This English language course is for people who want to raise their English language skills to a higher level. Prior to this course, you should have at least completed senior secondary education and have a good command of English. All candidates for this course must participate in a digital intake test and a writing assignment to ensure they are at the correct level for the course. The intake test is a so-called placement test, which provides an indication of the level of the course a student can be placed in. It does not imply that the student has already achieved that level, but it indicates he/she can participate in a course at that level. Costs for this intake test are € 50,-. Please note that this fee is NOT included in the course price.


Fontys Pro Educatie offers a blended variety of the English language course. During each session at Fontys, as well as in individual online sessions, you will be granted opportunity to improve all four English language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing. Furthermore, there is plenty of time for individual questions and explanations. Homework comprises self-study assignments via an online platform, Exam Practice as well as working on your individual writing portfolio. All lessons are taught in English.


Work forms are tuned to the skill being learned, group work and interaction is encouraged during all lessons. Besides plenary lessons at Fontys, you will be required to work independently on online assignments and your writing portfolio.

Study load, starting date and location

Approximately 200 hours, 3 hours lessons plus 5-7 hours homework per week.

Lessons are scheduled every 2 weeks.

Course materials

Course books are NOT included in the course price.


  • Cambridge English Objective First Student’s Book with answers, Cambridge University Press, fourth edition, ISBN 978 1 107 62830 4.


  • Cambridge English Objective First Workbook with Answers, Cambridge University Press, fourth edition, ISBN 978 1 107 62845 8.
  • Objective First Class Audio CDs, Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978 1 107 62854 0.


  • Complete Advanced Student’s book with answers (2nd edition) G. Brook-Hart, S. Haines, Cambridge University Press ISBN: 978 1 107 67090 7.  


  • Complete Advanced Workbook with answers (2nd edition) G. Brook-Hart, S. Haines, Cambridge University Press ISBN: 978 1 107 67517 9.  
  • Complete Advanced Class Audio CDs (2nd edition), Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 978 1 107 64450 2.


Your English language skills are tested throughout the course, and at the end of the course, you have the opportunity to take the official Cambridge examination. In addition, you receive a certificate of attendance if you are present for 80% or more of the lessons.

Group size

The course will start with a minimum of 11 students. The maximum amount of participants is 15.

Course fee

The fee for our English course is € 1185,-.

Extra costs that are not included in the course fee:
Intake: € 50,-
Books: +/- € 50,-
Audio CD's: +/- € 50,-
Official FCE exam paper based: € 266,-
Official FCE exam computer based: € 290,-
Official CAE exam paper based: € 293,-
Official CAE exam computer based: € 317,-

The prices of the exams can be subject to changes by the British Council.

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