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Frequently asked questions

On this page we have listed some of the most ask questions about our short term programmes. Can't find the answer to your question? Feel free to contact the coordinator of the programme (contact information can be found on the specific programme pages) or our Customer Contact Center.

Fontys is a university of applied sciences. Universities of applied sciences focus more on the application of knowledge and the direct preparation of students for their professional careers, whereas research universities train students for the independent practice of science and academic research.

For each programme at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, specific admission requirements and application procedures apply. If you want to study at Fontys as an exchange student your home university needs to nominate you first. Then if you meet all the admission requirements, we will invite you to apply for enrolment.

Yes, Fontys does participate in the Erasmus+ programme and if your school has an agreement with a Fontys school they can nominate you to study with us as an Erasmus+ student.

Apart from the Erasmus+ programme and Holland Scholarship Programme, Fontys does not offer any scholarships for incoming exchange students. However, you might be eligible for other scholarships not provided by Fontys. These can be found on Grantfinder.nl.

The entry requirements differ per study programme. Please visit the study programme of your interest for its specific requirements. All study programmes at all Dutch higher educational institutes require a minimum English proficiency level

The tuition fees can differ per situation. Our Tuition Fees indicator helps you to determine the tuition rate for your situation.

All information about financial matters and living expenses for foreign students can be found on the link below.