The course has a task-based approach and the purpose of the course is to systematically work towards an annual training program to optimize individual sports performance. The steps to achieve this are displayed in the figure.

During each step you are going to gain (just in time) knowledge about several different topics, such as motor learning, exercise physiology and sport specific strength training. In addition, you are going to acquire the necessary (strength) training skills to optimally train (elite) athletes.

In addition, you are required to participate in an internship where you are able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the course.

The output of the course is fourfold:

  • A project paper in which you will outline the annual training program.
  • A skill exam to examine your progress in sport specific strength training skills
  • An internship portfolio to assess your carreer development
  • A professional development to assess your internship performance

You will receive 30 credits (ECTS) after meeting the following criteria:

Ambience photo Fontys
Ambience photo Fontys