Minor Embrace the border

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September, February
Nederlands, German

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Programme in brief

Doing Business in the Dutch-German cross-border region

This minor connects you with language, culture and business in the Dutch-German cross-border region. We offer you the chance to activate and build your language skills in German and Dutch, learn about the region, the economy and how business is done cross-border style.

Being able to navigate business life in the Netherlands and Germany can kick-start your career. If you have the necessary skills, that is. This minor places you in the cross border ecosystem and trains those skills. You start the minor with language immersion in either Dutch or German to activate language use in and out of the classroom. We offer language coaching throughout the minor to support you. In true cross-border style, we work with you in German and Dutch language through all elements of the minor after that; business project, research project and lecture. The emphasis is on learning to appreciate the way business is done in this cross-border region and gaining the skills to be part of it.

Once you have finished this minor, you will have the flexibility to switch between the Dutch and German business culture, and have the language skills and business knowledge to go with it. The hybrid culture of Fontys Venlo, as well as its authentic cross-border location only add to the unique character of this minor.

What you will learn

  • You will have a firm grasp on the economic realities of the region
  • You will raise your game in Dutch and German
  • You know how to do business on both sides of the border

Fall 2022

The following information is still subject to change.

Language - 10 ECTS
Cross border culture - 5 ECTS
Cross border development research project - 5 ECTS
The corss border region: a macro perspective - 5 ECTS
Doing cross border business - 5 ECTS

Admission requirements

For Dutch and German students:

B2 level in one language, beginner level in the other language

For international students:

A2 level in either Dutch or German

This minor is interesting for students from the business and economics field, as well as related study courses (agriculture, communications,…). However, we welcome students from all study courses and the specific expertise they bring to the table.

How to apply as an exchange student

Applications should always be submitted via the International Exchange (or Erasmus) Officer at the home university. If several versions of the programme are offered, please indicate for which version you would like to apply to (Programme I, Programme II, Programme III, etc.) This officer will send your application request (nomination) to Fontys. Once Fontys has accepted the application, your Fontys study department will send you a link to a web application called Mobility Online. Added to the link you will receive all necessary information and a manual. Please take a look at this website to see how it works.

How to apply as a Fontys student

How to apply as an other Dutch UAS student

*For more information concerning the start date, please get in touch with the contact person of the study department of the concerned exchange programme.

Deadline for application:

Fall semester15 May
Spring semester15 November

Course location

Tegelseweg 255, Venlo

Locatiekaart op adres: Tegelseweg 255, Venlo

This programme is taught in German or in Dutch