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Marketing Management

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September, February
1 semester

  • Programme in brief
  • What to expect from us
  • What do we expect from you
  • Content of the programme
  • Course description
  • Admission requirements
  • Scholarships
  • Fontys way of studying
  • Study coach

Programme in brief

Designing an exciting marketing campaign for the new iPhone, organising a press conference for Greenpeace or conducting market research on which emotions are associated with eating ice cream. All these are examples of something a marketing professional does. As a marketer you know exactly what triggers consumers. You know why we pay more for Coca-Cola, while a different brand might be more tasty in a blind test and maybe you will make sure that people will sleep in a tent for the release of the new Playstation.

What to expect from us

We teach you to understand why some products are successful and others aren’t. By conducting smart market research you learn to reveal the needs of your target group. Your market analysis and communication strategy builds brands. You don’t just use your creativity for well-known consumer products. Banks, charity organisations and governmental institutions also like to distinguish themselves from their competitors through ground-breaking campaigns. We will provide an international learning community and in interesting projects and internships you gain practical experience before you graduate, which will prepare you for a successful career.

What do we expect from you

You are good with words and know how to convince others. Thinking out of the box is no problem for you. You can put yourself in someone else’s shoes. As a marketer it’s your job to think like your customers. You are willing to study hard to gain knowledge of marketing theories and you enjoy cooperating with fellow students in project groups.

Content of the programme

Marketing Management prepares you to react to the needs of customers in an international environment by offering subjects such as market research, marketing law, consumer behaviour and e-marketing.

As an International Marketing student you will gradually transform into a marketing expert with experience in working in an international environment.

A combination of courses from different semesters or another programme is not possible.
The following information is subject to change.

Fall 2023

Semester 1

P11M Marketing Process I: Introduction & Analysis - 5 ECTS
P12M Marketing Project I: Desk Research - 5 ECTS
P13M Marketing Topics I: Consumer Behavior - 5 ECTS
P14M Marketing Topics II: Creativity & Presentation - 5 ECTS
P15M Business & Economics I - 5 ECTS

Course manual semester 1

Semester 3

M31M Marketing Process III: Brand Management - 5 ECTS
M32M Marketing Process IV: Product, Price & Place - 5 ECTS
M33M Marketing Project III: Qualitative Research - 5 ECTS
M34M Marketing Topics V: E-commerce - 5 ECTS

Course manual semester 3

Semester 7

G71MMarketing Synthesis: Marketing Plan - 5 ECTS
(Marketing Major required)
G71.1M Project Marketing Concept
G71.2M Individual Topic
G72 Marketing Topics VII: CRM Data Analytics - 5 ECTS
G73 Marketing Topics VIII: Sales & Law - 5 ECTS
G74 Business & Economics III: International Trade
G75 Communication & Culture V: Intercultural Business Competences - 5 ECTS

Additional courses (only if they fit your timetable)
Dutch for Beginners - 2 ECTS
German for beginners - 2 ECTS
Business English - 2 ECTS

Course manual semester 7



Admission requirements

Semester 1

English: equivalent to IELTS 6.0
Basic knowledge, the student’s major should be business related

Semester 3

English: equivalent to IELTS 6.0
The student’s major should be business related
Foundation year should be rounded off

Semester 7

English: equivalent to IELTS 6.0 (a higher score is preferred)
The student’s major should be business related
Foundation year should be rounded off
Level of programme: advanced


Fontys does not provide scholarships for its exchange students.

Fontys way of studying

At Fontys you study in various ways. There are lectures in classrooms with about 25 other students. In practical lectures you work independently or with a project team on your assignments. The campus offers a wide array of facilities to study alone or with a group. During the whole study programme you will work in projects, a method which will stimulate a hands on, independent way of working. At Fontys we believe in interaction. We like it when you ask questions during lectures and also outside lectures we are there for you.

Study coach

If you encounter problems regarding a certain subject, you can either speak to the lecturer involved or contact your exchange coordinator.