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International Finance & Control

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September, February
1 semester

  • Programme in brief
  • What to expect from us
  • What do we expect from you
  • Content of the programme
  • Course description
  • Admission requirements
  • Scholarships
  • Fontys way of studying
  • Study coach

Programme in brief

During International Finance & Control you will learn how to deal with all kinds of money-related questions within companies. How can we raise our profits? How can we finance the new machinery we intent to buy? How do I keep track of all the money flows which enter and exit the company both on national and international level? Do the different departments in the company work according to their budgets? Companies are constantly looking for professionals who can help them answer questions like these. As an International Finance & Control student you will learn how to answer these questions.

What to expect from us

During your study at Fontys you can expect us to educate you about different economic topics such as accounting, international financial markets, stock exchange, management skills. Simultaneously you will learn how to put this theory into practice by means of diverse projects. However, we will not only teach you skills needed for jobs merely focused on for example accounting, consulting, financing or controlling. We will also teach you how you as the specialist can easily work together with other departments within the company. You will, amongst others, acquire these skills through management classes, the Mini Company project and through the two internships you’ll do.

What do we expect from you

You love working with numbers, and you have a talent for it. You are an analytical thinker, and you like to approach your problems systematically, or put differently, step by step. Moreover, you need to have a good command of the English language. We ask you to be open for other cultures, since we prepare you how to work in an international environment.

Content of the programme

As a student of International Finance & Control it is important that you are able to provide financial figures including forecasts, profit and loss accounts, and budgets. You will be broadly educated regarding the economic background of companies through a range of subjects such as business administration, business information systems, accounting, controlling and taxes. Besides being able to draw up financial figures you need to be able to communicate financial information to other departments or companies (for example potential customers).

In the programme you will learn how to answer the following questions:

  • How do I manage an enterprise?
  • Where can I make high profits?
  • How can I keep the costs in control?
  • How do I behave in an international context?
  • Which influence does the international tax law and the worldwide finance- and commerce market have?

A combination of courses from different semesters or another programme is not possible. The following information is subject to change.

Spring 2023

Semester 2

Additional courses (only if they fit your timetable)
German for beginners - 2 ECTS

Semester 4 (courses will be available shortly)

Additional courses (only if they fit your timetable)
Dutch for beginners 2 ECTS
Business English 2 ECTS
German for beginners 2 ECTS

Admission requirements

Semester 1

English: equivalent to IELTS 6.0
Basic knowledge, the student’s major should be business related

Semester 3

English: equivalent to IELTS 6.0
The student’s major should be business related
Foundation year should be rounded off

Semester 7

English: equivalent to IELTS 6.5 (a higher score is preferred)
The student’s major should be business economics related
Foundation year should be rounded off
The level of this programme is advanced


Fontys does not provide scholarships for its exchange students.

Fontys way of studying

At Fontys you study in various ways. There are lectures in classrooms with about 25 other students. In practical lectures you work independently or with a project team on your assignments. The campus offers a wide array of facilities to study alone or with a group. During the whole study programme you will work in projects, a method which will stimulate a hands on, independent way of working. At Fontys we believe in interaction. We like it when you ask questions during lectures and also outside lectures we are there for you.

Study coach

If you encounter problems regarding a certain subject, you can either speak to the lecturer involved or contact the exchange coordinator.