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Is this your creative future?

Are you a future professional in the creative industry? Do you organize cultural events and are you allowing a large audience to enjoy art and culture? Do you write about art and culture? Or, are you looking for a minor which helps you look differently? Then the minor Art, Creating and Research will suit you. The minor is at the intersection of art and society.

For whom?

Arts, Creating and Research is for anyone interested in working with(in) the creative industry. The minor reflects an exciting mix of knowledge from different disciplines: future technicians, media designers, psychologists, event organizers, journalists, marketers, primary education teachers, and artists. It's the best choice for anyone who is looking for a creative supplement to his or her major.

This Minor is open to all post-propaedeutic students and is suitable for students who are fascinated by the arts, culture and the general history of art. We welcome students with arts or arts-related backgrounds and sufficient proficiency in the English language to participate in discussions regarding arts-related topics in a semi-professional manner.

What do you do?

This Minor has been designed to provide you with the artistic knowledge and skills required to work in the domain of creative industry, that is booming worldwide. You will focus on the many connections between various art disciplines, where art meets other domains such as science, education and journalism. You will acquire typical art-related skills, such as improvisation, creation and non-linear problem solving.

You create new products and cultural experiences yourself. You deepen your understanding of art in its existing context. You explore your own creativity: imagination and perspective on art and culture. In this minor you will learn to think out of the box and this brings you original solutions. You learn to be creative and create your innovations focused on your career of the future.

In the minor you compose the artistic process from within. This way you create your own artistic thinking and reflection. You develop an ability to look at something from different perspective, to create multiple scenarios, and to reinvent yourself.

You work on your personal growth and gain more insight into who you are as a future professional. You explore your values and your personal style and you develop a network of people from all sorts of professions that all find art, creativity and culture as important as you.


The Fontys minor Art, Creating and Research is offered as a full-time one semester programme, with three-day of contact hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It starts twice a year: in September and February.

You participate in two permanent projects: Performance Creation (Monday) and Creating  with Media (Friday). On Wednesday you choose one project which interest you the most. In addition, you will visit the seminars: lectures, symposia or other interesting events.

On Wednesday you will follow the project of your choosing. The minor's website Fontys Minor Art contains short descriptions.

The offer consists of a mix of creating and contemplating projects:

  • Concept Development
  • Creative writing
  • Arts and culture education
  • Philosophy and art
  • Music spectacle
  • Create the City

Please note:

the offer differs by semester.


Your teachers are highly qualified, enthusiastic professionals who bring you their business experience.


Excursions and visit to conferences and symposia help to deepen and broaden your insight into art, creativity and culture. You can do individual assignments, presentations, and during class you work together with your fellow students in discussions and seminars. In this way you will eventually acquire different competences that are of interest to you.


The program is offered in Dutch and / or in English. You can choose which language you write your reports, either in Dutch or English.

Practical information

Contact hours

Contact hours are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00 to 17:00.

The schedule varies from colleges, seminar, self-study, presentation and occasionally an excursion or site visit.


Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg center, 8 minutes’ walk from Tilburg station.


Dutch and English

For a better insight into the atmosphere and activities in the minor, visit our Facebook page: Fontys Minor Art

Minor regulation

You can download the minor regulation here. The purpose of the minority regulation is to inform you about what you will learn as a student in the minor, what the evaluation looks like and when you have completed the minor.


How will your course programme be recognised by your home university?

Fontys will provide you with a so-called ‘Transcript of Records’, which will clarify the results that you have achieved. Depending on your results, you will receive a maximum of 30 ECTS credits. ECTS credits are recognised throughout Europe. The agreement between your home university and Fontys University of Applied Sciences will usually include a condition whereby the credits that you obtain will be recognised and transferred into the records kept by your home university.

How to apply

We need some personal details like:

  • your name and address,
  • a CV and a motivation letter,
  • your current year of study and
  • study results.

Applications should be sent to
And it should always be approved by your International Exchange (or Erasmus) Officer at the home university.


Contact person for information about the programme Art, Culture and Research: 

FHK Art, Creating and Research

Visiting address:

Zwijsenplein 1 Tilburg
The Netherlands

Post address:

P.O. Box 90907
5000GJ Tilburg
The Netherlands 


Duration:17 weeks
Contact hrs:15, self-study 17 hours
Period:Fall semester / Spring semester
Credits:30 ECTS