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Programme in brief

Want to discover

  • How the working of the brain can help us in agro robotics?
  • How AI influences the Vision, IoT, and Robotics disciplines for agro problems?
  • How Deep Learning is changing Engineering?
  • How Augmented Reality can accelerate tomato picking?
  • How can biomimicry help us with better designs?
  • How to engineer the complex embedded systems needed for next generation autonomous vehicles?
  • How Systems engineering and Cybernetic control play a role in this?
  • How Edge Computing changes the design of IoT systems?
  • How robots learn behaviours instead of just being programmed?
  • How virtual plant modelling can help in harvesting?
  • Why the small scale of Venlo facilitates a unique eco system for this multidisciplinary minor?

Programme in brief

In this program we welcome you as exchange students from our partner institutes. The minor A-systems offers you a fixed, but short, introduction program and then switches over to electable courses, in which you develop knowledge and skills on the crossover of biology and technology in an on demand way. This crossover is a relatively new area of hybrid engineering, optimally suited for the innovative breakthroughs in bio-technical solutions, needed by today’s agricultural sector.

What to expect from us

The student knows the agrifood sector from a biological and technological point of view. He knows how to measure certain parameters of plants and/or animals and how to regulate the environment in order to influence the growth process and/or behaviour.

What do we expect from you?

Students develop their own studies with passion and talent, and are stimulated to rise above yourself in one or more themes in order to earn a place in the professional field. The education is demand driven in order to foster your own talents to the max. We provide the opportunities, but the student creates his own path!