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Vision, mission and goals

Vision, mission and objectives

Vision: What do we believe in? Or economy is undergoing a sea change. Global population is growing rapidly. We are the first generation to face the exhaustion of the world’s natural resources. All these developments demand innovation from our economy. As professionals of the future, our students must face up to the challenge of identifying new techniques and innovations, business and marketing models that will make better and repeated use of raw materials. Are we heading towards a waste-free economy? An economy in which we no longer have possessions, but only lease products and services? All of us will be affected by these developments. We are working together to create a healthy world. We will make the change!

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Mission statement: what do we stand for?

Our mission is to create sustainable economic development in Brabant through practice-based research into the transition to a circular economy and the energy transition.

Objectives: what do we want to achieve?

How can we rapidly make our energy supply more sustainable while at the same time ensuring that it remains reliable and affordable? How can we make buildings and infrastructure cheaper, safer and more sustainable through the use of new materials, technologies and processes? How can we actually bring about a circular economy that makes the industrial production of goods less dependent on primary raw materials? And why do we continue to do what we are doing, why are we who we are and what factors influence our behaviour?

To find answers to these and other related knowledge questions, the FECT conducts the following activities:

Practice-based research

Our students conduct practice-based research in the field of the circular economy and the energy transition with the aim of accelerating innovation and scientific knowledge, in practice, and creating attractive new earning and business models for businesses, that result in a sustainable and resilient society and economy in Noord-Brabant and the Southern Netherlands.

Knowledge development

We develop knowledge on the circular economy and energy transition as forms of social, societal and economic innovation, in which government organisations, educational institutions, civil-society organisations and consumers all join forces. In all these developments, our attention is focused on joint knowledge development and knowledge sharing, encouraging the development of new crossovers and the formation of new ecosystems.

Inspiring education

We create study programmes based on the theme of the Circular Transition with the aim of reducing tension on the labour market. Our programmes include full-time education, hybrid education, in-service training for professionals in the framework of ‘lifelong learning’ and other forms of knowledge transfer.