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Research and projects

Based on expertise in the fields of engineering, business and economics, support in society and behaviour, the activities of FECT are focused on three lines of research:

Energy transition
How can we ensure reliable forms of energy storage, the integration of the circular transition and the energy transition?

Circular Business Models
How do you implement business models that support the principles of circularity and the energy transition? What is the (hidden) impact of products and how can you measure multiple value?

Transition as a form of social innovation
What is the social and societal impact of the energy transition and the circular economy? How do these elements interrelate with other changes in society and how do you guarantee support across society?

Examples of projects:

SME project circular business practice

The Professorship The Entrepreneurial Region (De Ondernemende Regio) is assisting fifteen SME enterprises within a knowledge programme to put the theoretical knowledge available about circular business practice into the operational practice of the SME entrepreneur. The project aims to identify links between the engineering, business and marketing aspects of (circular) business practice.

Clean circular fuels

Fontys and DIFFER (Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research) are investigating the possibilities of producing clean circular fuels from renewable energy and today’s ‘waste substances’: water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Circular Business Models

Together with a group of partners, FECT has collaborated on the publication about circular business models by Prof. J. (Jan) Jonker and Dr N.R. Niels Faber. This publication appeared in November 2020.