International Consortium Circular Transition

Fontys University in Eindhoven joined forces with the applied universities of sciences in Ruhr West Germany and University College Northern Denmark establishing a consortium focusing on helping manufacturing companies to transition to circular enterprises. We want to offer companies opportunities to work with our research staff and students on a daily basis helping you transition to a more circular company. Circularity requires a multi-disciplinary approach as many of the problems you may face are not technical in nature. Our consortium combines staff and students from faculties like engineering, computer science, economics, and social sciences.

Starting in September 2021 we want to set up industrially driven circular transition projects. We foresee various types of collaborations with you such as: impactful workshops, boot camps; short term (1—6 months) pilots and demonstrations; or even better long term hybrid learning environments facilitating your complete circular transition.

Companies wanted

Join your manufacturing peers from Germany, Netherlands, and Denmark in helping us define the biggest challenges in transitioning to a more circular company. Our consortium of 3 universities are looking to partner with you on future projects.


Further information about Fontys’ international circular transitions program can be found on this website ( or at You can contact us by email as well: