This research is a follow-up to the HTSM research project from the autumn of 2019: ROAZ

Developing robust and modular actions for a care robot to help with the reactivation of patients.

Project results

Demonstrator of an interactive (Pepper) care robot that activates patients who are recuperating from stent placement surgery in the cardio care department to start exercising.

By the end of the project, a comparable demo may also have been given at other healthcare institutions (Vitalis) and another department within Catharina (Anesthesiology).

Project team

Erik van Alphen, Eric Dortmans, Teade Punter, Jeroen Wildenbeest (Diginova) & Kety Hoevenaars (Catharina hospital, Anesthesiology).

Time frame

February 2020 till July 2020

Lectorate High Tech Embedded Software

Teade Punter

08850 75859

Project manager

Erik van Alphen

08850 83862


Diginova & Catharina hospital