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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about working with tools for online education. For comprehensive tutorials and Q&A, please visit the Working with MS Teams website.
  • MS Teams Technique

    1. How can I make sure that not every participant takes over my screen during a meeting?

    To start with: make clear working agreements with the participants at the beginning of a lesson, this will help you prevent a lot.

    Next, by enabling the options below, it is technically not possible for the participants to take over the screen:

    - If you share your screen with your students, they cannot "take over", only one person at a time can share a screen in a meeting.

    - If you share a PowerPoint presentation with others, they can browse through it and even take over the presentation. This can be prevented by adjusting the settings in the meeting after you have created it but before it has started. To do this, go to 'Meeting options'. Under 'Who can present', click 'Me only'.

    - If you are already in the meeting; you share your PowerPoint and don't want others to take over the presentation, click on 'More actions' (...), 'Meeting settings', 'Personal display' and choose 'Disable' in the menu bar.

    2. If a lesson or meeting is recorded live, the webcams of the students / participants are also visible. How can I solve this?

    If you record the meeting /lesson and you don't want your partipants in the screen, ask them to turn off the webcam. They can do this by turning off the camera symbol on the video conference toolbar.

    3. If a lesson or meeting is recorded live, the webcams of the students / participants are also visible. How can I solve this?

    If you record the meeting /lesson and you don't want your partipants in the screen, ask them to turn off the webcam. They can do this by turning off the camera symbol on the video conference toolbar.

    4. I want to share a PowerPoint during an online meeting and see the chats coming in. How do I do that?

    When you share a PowerPoint during a lesson or meeting you can see the chats associated with this meeting on the right. You can open the chat window by clicking on the icon of a speech bubble in the video conference toolbar during the lesson (appears when you hover your cursor over your screen). In this way you can see which questions or remarks come in during your lesson.

    5. How can I make sure I don't get any pop-ups of chat messages during a lesson or presentation?

    In MS Teams there are two ways to make sure that you have less or no problems with the pop-ups during a lesson or meeting:

    1. On the top right you can see your profile picture. Click on it and set your availability. If you set your availability to 'Do not disturb', no messages will be shown. 2. Click on 'Settings' at the top right of your profile picture, then you can indicate under the tab 'Notifications' which pop-ups (banner is called that in MS Teams) you want to see and which you do not. There you can turn off the banner of Chat messages, responses to conversations, etc. 

    6. I get a white screen when I start up MS Teams. How do I solve this?

    By unsubscribing from MS Teams. To do so, click on the MS Teams icon in the taskbar with your right mouse button. Choose for Unsubscribe. Then open MS Teams and log in again with your account.

    7. My microphone doesn't work in MS Teams, what should I do?

    There may be several causes for the microphone not working. In MS Teams you can check and set that. In the Settings (via your profile picture at the top right) you can make a test call in the 'Devices' tab. There, solutions are also offered if it doesn't work properly. Also check if the correct input device has been selected (your laptop microphone or a headset with microphone). Make sure that in the 'Settings', 'Permissions Media' tab (camera, microphone, speakers) are authorized for access.

    8. Can I add people from outside Fontys to the MS Teams - environment?

    Yes, you can. You can add people without a Fontys account (PCN@fontys.nl or PCN@student.fontys.nl) via their own e-mail address. They then become a "Guest" and can run and track everything with this guest account. For example, this could also be a guest lecturer from outside Fontys. There are two methods to do this: You add an external e-mail address to the meeting via the 'Show participants' button if the meeting has already started.  When creating a new meeting, you immediately add the e-mail address to the invitees. The recipient then receives a link to the meeting and can participate. 

    Note: ask the external party for the email address with which they have the MS Teams account. Problem could be that the organization where they work and use MS Teams blocks this. Often it seems that these external guests have to log in with a Fontys account. Solution for this is to invite them to a private email address instead of their work email address.

    9. Do I have to manually add each participant to a meeting, or can I also use the distribution lists in Outlook?

    Yes, you can, not in MS Teams, but in Outlook, follow these steps: First create a meeting in MS Teams with one attendee (e.g. a colleague) and send it. Then go to your Outlook Calendar, open the meeting there and invite your students/ participants using the distribution list.

    10. Where is a recording of a lesson or meeting and can anyone who has the link see this recording?

    A recording of a lesson/ meeting will be in Stream. Go to 'office.com' and then to 'Stream'. Click on 'My content' and then 'Videos'. The person who made the recording is the owner of the recording. Only the owner and the participants of the lesson/meeting can watch the video. If you want to share the recording with students or staff who did not participate in the lesson, the owner must give permission or download the video. The normal GDPR agreements apply here as well.

    11. What is the best way to draw during an MS Team meeting?

    For this you can use the Microsoft Whiteboard. With MS Whiteboard, participants of an MS Team meeting can draw, sketch and write together on a shared digital canvas.

    How do you open MS Whiteboard? When you are in an MS Team meeting or class, click on the 'Share' icon. In the 'Whiteboard' section, select 'Microsoft Whiteboard'. More information about MS Whiteboard can be found on the Microsoft website If you, as a presenter, only want to draw yourself, you can also use another tool for this, for example Paint and then share your screen. Instead of Paint you can also open MS Whiteboard as an app outside MS Teams and draw in it. Whiteboard supports a DrawPad perfectly and Paint does not.

    12. How can I turn off the sound of each participant so that there is not too much noise during my lesson/ meeting?

    To start with: make clear working agreements with the students/ participants at the beginning of a lesson, such as: turn off your microphone. This will help you prevent a lot. But as the organizer of the meeting, you can also mute all microphones at once. To do so, click on the "Show participants" button in the video conference toolbar (appears when you hover your cursor over your screen). In the screen that opens to the right, you will see the option 'Mute all microphones' at the top. If you click on this option, you turn off all microphones with one click.

    13. Can I connect an extra camera? If yes: how can I switch cameras in MS Teams?

    Yes, it is possible to connect an extra camera, for example a webcam. Switching between two cameras is done via 'Device settings'. When you are in a meeting, click on the three dots in the menu bar. A menu opens. Choose 'Device settings'. Under the heading 'Camera' you can select the camera you want to show. The 'Device settings' menu is not visible to the participants and can be left open. This way you can easily switch between two cameras during your meeting or lesson. If you make a video call and have multiple webcams, you will see a button (if you move over it) to switch to your own example video. That is even faster.

    14. Is it possible to have multiple accounts in MS Teams?

    MS Teams does support multiple organizational spaces, you can switch between them via your Profile on the top right. Switching between multiple MS Teams accounts is only possible by logging out and logging in again with a different account. If you are invited as a Guest with your default account, then the link will be created, and you can switch to the top right. You then participate as a Guest in a Team by invitation, and that does not require a second account.

    15. How do I configure MS Teams on my MacBook?

    This is similar to installing it on a Windows laptop. Go to portal.office.com. Log in with your Fontys login. Open MS Teams. Download MS Teams. Install with the password of your MacBook or with your fingerprint. Sign in with your PCN@fontys.nl or PCN@student.fontys.nl. You will get a Fontys login page where you can enter your Fontys password. You can now work with MS Teams.

    16. How do I inform all members of this MS Team? How do I invite them to join?

    When you add people to a team, they get an email on their Fontysmail. On https://fontys.nl/online/ there are two instructional videos explaining this.

    17. When I create a channel, I can choose between a public channel or a private channel. What's the difference? What can I use best?

    When you create a team and place channels under it, these channels are visible to all members. The members can post, upload files and add notes in all channels. If you create a private channel within the team, this channel is only accessible to a limited number of members of the team. The other members of the team do not have access to this channel. You choose a private channel if you want to have a specific group of people collaborate within a larger group of people, without having to create and manage a new team.

    18. How can I invite the participants of a team or channel all at once without typing all the names again?

    Click on 'Add member' and then type in the name of the team. Click on 'Add'. All participants of this team are now also added to the new team. You can only add members at team level to another team. The members of a specific channel cannot be added to a new team or channel.

    19. Can I chat during a meeting with other groups or other channels?

    Yes, you can. The left button bar remains visible at all times. If you are in a meeting and you want to go to another channel, click on 'Teams' on the left again. At that moment, your meeting will be made small and will remain visible. You can then go to the other channel to read or post a chat there. There can only be one video chat at a time. If you get a second one and you want to answer it, the first one will be put on hold. So you can switch between two video chats.

    20. Can students also submit videos via MS Teams?

    Yes that is possible. If they have the video as an mp4 file, they can upload it as a file. The question is whether you should want this. If it is a video that has to be submitted as a thesis of an assignment, it has to be uploaded through the channels that are normally used for that, like for example GradeWork.

    21. I work at home now and don't want my home and/or people living with me to be seen during a meeting. Is this possible?

    Yes, this is possible. The video chat toolbar on the meeting screen shows three dots. Click on them and click 'Blur background'. Now you are only in the picture yourself.

    22. What is the best way to add (larger numbers of) students to a team? Entering names one by one or working with distribution lists from Outlook doesn't work very well, nor does sending a link.

    Have each owner of a team generate a code [Manage team, Settings, Team code] that students can use to access. Create a document in a central place, stating who is the team owner (teachers), which class/lessons are involved and what the code is to access the team. This way, students don't get confused and they have a total overview in one place. See also the instruction video:  Hoe maak ik als docent een vak/team aan en genereer ik een code 

    23. I'm a member of several teams. How do I get from one team to another?

    Double-click on the [Teams] button in the left menu. You will be redirected to the overview of all teams you are a member of.  To be able to easily switch between Teams, you can choose 'Change view' in Settings (top right of the cogwheel). Choose 'List view'. This has the advantage that you can also expand the channels of a team you are currently working with. 

    24. How can I create a meeting in Outlook to which I can add meeting options?

    If you want to invite a group of people via Outlook and you want to add meeting options (such as who is allowed to present etc.)

    • Create a meeting first in MS Teams and enter time, location etc.
    • You have to add at least one attendee in the field (e.g. a co-teacher). 
    • Note: also specify the names of the team and channel. (You cannot choose a private channel).
    • First click on 'Send'.
    • Then open your calendar in the left column.
    • Double click on the calendar item. 
    • In the invitation the link to the meeting is now filled in.
    • In the grey bar at the top of the item is now: 'Meeting options'.
    • There you tick the box of how you want to organize the meeting.
    • Close the calendar item and go to Outlook.
    • The meeting is now in your calendar and you can now add the names of students in Outlook and send the invitation to the whole group.

    Instructional video: Hoe start ik zonder Team een vergadering? 

    25. What do you do if the video connection fails during a lesson?

    When the video connection in MS Teams is lost, make sure that your lesson can also be followed with audio only. For example, by making sure that the PDF of your presentation is also on FontysConnect or in MS Teams, with a number on each slide, so you can say: "We are now going to slide 4.

    26. I have made a recording in MS Teams and get a message that it is stored in Stream but can't find it anywhere.

    Placing a recording in Stream takes three times as much time as the recording time. So, a one-hour video takes three hours to become available in Stream. Please note that a recording can be up to four hours long. The advice is to cut long sessions into several short sessions of, for example, one or two hours. These sessions should be scheduled separately in the MS Teams schedule.

    27. Can you see more than four people in one image within MS Teams?

    No, you can't. Four images is the maximum. You can see the rest of the participants at the bottom of your image in a bar. The one who talks automatically pops up with his video image to the screen.

    28. Can I set everyone on my team to be notified when I post something?

    No, you can't force that. Everyone can set whether or not they want to receive notifications. To make it more likely that people will see your message, you can 'mention' them using an @ plus their name. In any case, these personal mentions are always visible in the activity feed on the top left. Or, if there are a lot of them, you can mention them all at the same time using an @ plus team or channel name, but these team and channel entries can be completely disabled in the personal settings, so in that case they won't be visible in the feed either. The advice is to make working arrangements about working together within teams, for example about regularly checking the messages.

    29. I create teams for colleagues / others, but I am not a participant myself. How do I do that?

    When you create a team, you're always the owner. After creating a team, you can make one or more teachers the owner. Then you change your role from owner to member. As a member you can remove yourself from the team

  • Other tools

    1. The Camera does not work in My Online Workplace

    That's correct. You can use the basic facilities of Skype or Teams on the virtual computer (which you work on via My Online Workplace). In those applications on My Online Workplace video conferencing is not possible.

    2. How do I set up Skype for Business?

    On a Fontys laptop Skype for Business is already installed. No additional settings are required. On a private laptop you can install Skype for Business according to the manual. This can be found via a link on Fontysconnect.nl/Thuiswerken. https://connect.fontys.nl/diensten/IT/handleidingen/Paginas/Handleiding-Thuiswerken.aspx#skypeinstalleren

    3. I don't have/can't get a Direct Access connection, what should I do?

    No Direct Access connection is mainly due to the fact that you are not on the Fontys Portal (message: page not found). You then have no connection to Fontys Connect. Restore the connection as follows: turn off your laptop, wait two minutes and restart. The connection is then restored. https://connect.fontys.nl/diensten/IT/handleidingen/Paginas/Handleiding-Thuiswerken.aspx#portalconnect

    4. Which online tools can and may I use?

    Here, too, the agreements within your institute/training are leading. Tools that you use in the physical classroom can in principle also be used online. Fontys wide is the starting point: use the standard systems (such as Fontys connect/ training portal, n@tschool, GradeWork, etc.), all Office 365 applications (so rather Forms for a quiz than Kahoot or Socrative) and the programs offered on the Fontys Application Portal (e.g. MindJet Mind Manager for mindmaps). Students can carry out assignments in their own tools and are then themselves responsible for matters such as GDPR.

    5. Which tool should I use to pre-record my lesson and make it available to students?

    The advice is to use MS Teams for this and to include a meeting with only yourself as a participant. If your institute already uses Mediasite, you can record lectures via MyMediasite and the Mediasite Desktop Recorder and transfer them to the Mediasite. If your institute does not use Mediasite, the lectures will be on your personal MyMediasite environment. We do not recommend sharing a recording with students from here because the recording is in your personal environment. In addition, there are tools for each institution / course to make videos, such as Camtasia and Apple iMovie. If you make an MP4 of your lesson, you can share it through the usual channels within the course.

    16. Is Skype an alternative to MS Teams?

    No, not for teaching or multi-person meetings.  Skype for business can be used by employees on a Fontys laptop as usual for chatting and calling a colleague. For online meetings and teaching MS Teams is the best choice. 

    17. The camera doesn't work in Skype or MS Teams but it does in other applications.

    The best solution is to delete the camera plus operating program in 'Device Manager'. Select the camera and click on the option: Undo installation. Then you need to restart the laptop/computer and the camera will work again. For detailed instructions with images, see the page: Working from home. fontysconnect.nl/thuiswerken

    18. Mymediasite is no longer supported on Mac that is up to date (The screen recorder is 32 bits).

    Apple has placed a beta version in the Mac Appstore. This works with the latest version of MacOS Catalina. You can find it under the name 'Mediasite Capture'.

    19. How do I set up My Online Workplace?

    In the IT Manuals (fontys.nl/allesoverict) in the section 'Workspace' you will find an extensive manual. The short version is:

    1. Download the Citrix Workspace app.
    2. Use the Explorer to go to this download (CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe), right click on it, select 'Run as administrator'.
    3. Click on 'Add account' and fill in: https://cag.fontys.nl.
    4. Log in with your Fontys account. The Username is your Fontys username pcn@student.fontys.nl or pcn@fontys.nl, the Password is your Fontys password.
    5. Click on the button 'Log on'.
    6. Logging in may take a little longer the first time.
    7. Click on the Windows 10 icon and start My Online Workplace.

    20. Can and may I use 'Zoom' for educational meetings?

    No, 'Zoom' should not be used, this application is not safe. On the advice of the Group Information Security Officer, the CvB has decided to issue a 'no go' for Zoom for Fontys. It is therefore immediately forbidden to use Zoom within Fontys. For video communication, everyone is requested to use MS Teams or Skype.

  • First aid in online education

    1. Where can I find tutorials?

    For this you can visit Fontys.edu/online?? This page is continuously updated.

    2. What should I do if applications such as MS Teams, the Fontys portal or Natschool cannot be accessed?

    The general advice for connection problems is; turn off your laptop, wait two minutes and restart. It is also possible that your wifi connection has failed. Check that and reconnect if necessary. Is the application not working yet? Please contact the IT Service Desk via 08850-77777 or it-servicedesk@fontys.nl.

    3. Where can I ask for help if something goes wrong in MS Teams during my class? (telephone/email address?)

    If you have an acute problem during a lesson you can call 08850-77777. Keep in mind that it can be very busy there. Is the problem a little less urgent mail than to IT-servicedesk@fontys.nl.

    4. Where, especially in these times, can I find extra help with my studies?

    Check https://fontys.edu/fontyshelps for more information

  • Professionalisation

    1. Where can I find instructions for Microsoft about Teams if I want to learn more?

    Microsoft has a large selection of training videos available through this website


  • Miscellaneous

    1. Is MS Teams safe to use for my lessons/ meetings?

    Yes. MS Teams is part of the standard package Office 365 and is Fontysbreed supported.

    2. When do I choose a one-time online lesson/ meeting or when do I create a team?

    This mainly depends on the agreements and choices within your institute/education: do you work as much as possible from the existing online environment and do you want to organize an online lesson afterwards or do you want to organize your education with MS Teams as a basis. 

    3. Are there camera's/ headsets/ iPad's etc. available from Dienst IT to take home with you when teaching online with MS Teams?

    At the moment there are no possibilities to collect materials. Perhaps other agreements have been made about this within your institute/education.

    4. Can I just record my lesson? Or do I have to ask everyone for permission?

    At the moment there are many questions regarding the recording of course material and/or tests, also because MS Teams, for example, makes this possible. It is good to make agreements about this together, about how we as Fontys deal with this. We follow the GDPR principles.

    1. no surreptitious recordings

    If we want to record something, we don't do it secretly. We are transparent about what we are doing and if we want to record something we agree before a meeting, lesson or test starts.

    2. When we record something, we have a clear goal in mind, which we registrat

    We don't just record things just like that, in case it might be useful later on. We think about this, record it in a document (including why we do it) and communicate about it. This has to be agreed with in the “MR”

    3. We choose the most privacy-friendly solution

    We only record if this is necessary for the purpose we set and only if we haven't been able to come up with a more privacy-friendly way. An example of recording a privacy-friendly lesson could be: agreeing with the students to turn off their microphone and picture, only recording if you are speaking as an instructor and giving those who do not want to be recorded the opportunity to ask questions after the recording has stopped. For tests, identification will also have to take place. This can be done by showing the ID online to a limited group (the assessors). Do not record this identification, it is sufficient to indicate on a form that this has been done.

    4. We choose data minimization

    We do not store more personal data than necessary, so we do not record more than necessary. It is also nice to make arrangements for students not to have every student recorded, but to do this centrally if the students need this for teaching purposes (1x storage = data minimization).

    5. Asking permission from a student is a difficult basis

    There's a lot of questions: "if I get permission from my students, can I record?" Under the GDPR, permission must be given freely and there is a difference in hierarchy between the tutor and the student, no matter how good the relations are. Permission is therefore not worth much, certainly not just before taking a test, for example. Therefore, do not ask for permission. We do this in the context of justified interest, as it is called in the GDPR, i.e. because it is necessary for our education. The prevention of fraud may also be expressly regarded as necessary. A student or instructor may therefore not refuse (if permission is granted, this is possible). If a student or lecturer objects, the privacy interests of each individual will be weighed up, for example, by the examination board or the MT.

    6. How can I ensure that students are present when I want to organize an online meeting? I want to be able to start the meeting as soon as I have finished with the previous group.

    This requires above all a clear agreement between teacher and students.  The advice is to agree on fixed times so that everyone knows where they stand, for example in accordance with the schedule. Within a channel or team, you can schedule a meeting (click on the camera icon at the bottom of 'new message'). You give the meeting a clear title and indicate the time at which it takes place. All students can then click on 'participate' at the start time. You can also participate as an organizer as soon as you have finished with your previous group. If you like, after creating the meeting you can indicate in 'Meeting options' that students first have to wait "in the lobby" until you are there as an organizer. Alternatively, you can arrange certain time blocks with your students you are present for consultation in a team or channel. If you click on 'Meet now', you can see if all members are active on MS Teams or not. You can invite them to join or they can join themselves.

    7. How can employees make use of therecording facilities in buildings R3 and P8?

    Building P8, campus Stappegoor in Tilburg

    The building is open for the use of the recording studio.  Procedure:

    • The manager of the studio in P8 is Peer van Sprang; please contact him if you want to use the recording studio via p.vansprang@fontys.nl or 08850 72489.
    • The studio can only be used by appointment and in the presence of the manager.
    • Peer van Sprang supports the use of the studio.
    • Peer van Sprang has access to building P8 between 8.00 -17.00 hours to support the use of the studio; he will come to the building at the agreed time.
    • Peer van Sprang informs the facility managers of Stappegoor (Simon Bergmans, assistant facility manager, via s.bergmans@fontys.nl en Roderick Buikema, facility manager, via r.buikema@fontys.nl) by whom to access P8 at what time.
    • Peer van Sprang is known to the facility managers of Stappegoor (Simon Bergmans and Roderick Buikema) as manager of the studio in P8.

    Building R3, Rachelsmolen campus in Eindhoven

    Building R3 is open for use of MediaSite in lecture hall R3. Procedure:

    • Employees can gain access to building R3 between 8.00 - 17.00; they gain access to the lecture hall in question with MediaSite. This facility can also be used by people who have already worked with it in another building.
    • To gain access, employees must register in advance with the facility managers of Rachelsmolen (Niels Kuijpers, assistant facility manager via n.kuijpers@fontys.nl and Desiree Hendrix, facility manager, via d.hendrix@fontys.nl).
    • For substantive questions, please contact the manager Marcel Heling (m.heling@fontys.nl or 08850 78180).

    8. If I record a meeting, can it be uploaded to YouTube by participants/students (privacy protection)? And if I don't record anything, can't they?

    In principle, all participants of a meeting within MS Teams can make a recording, provided they are from Fontys. You will be notified within the team when a recording is made. And if you as a teacher have already started the recording, it is no longer possible for the participants to start a recording within Teams. This recording will be within Microsoft Stream and in the team/channel where you have given the lesson. This recording is visible to the team members but is not public and cannot just be posted on YouTube. Advice is to make clear agreements about this in advance with the students and to refer to the GDPR principles that have been established within Fontys with regard to recording in Teams. If you want to know more about the GDPR look here. More information about recording a meeting can be found on the site: https://support.office.com/nl-nl/article/een-vergadering-opnemen-in-teams-34dfbe7f-b07d-4a27-b4c6-de62f1348c24.