Professional Arena Collaboration

As Fontys, we can't do without our partners in the professional arena, and they in turn need us. We teach the employees and entrepreneurs of the future. Of course, they have to be professionals who are ready for the job market of today, and of the future. This requires intensive and continuous cooperation with the professional arena. As such we enjoy working together with the government, institutions, organisations and companies. In all kinds of areas and with all kinds of goals.

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Embedded in knowledge regions

Fontys is embedded in the knowledge-intensive regions in the South of the Netherlands: Brainport Region Eindhoven, Greenport Venlo/KennisAs Limburg and Midpoint Brabant. The demand for highly qualified people in these regions is immense, and growing. A number of Human Capital Agendas have been formulated to this end. At Fontys, we help shape this. In order to be able to deal with current social and regional issues, we mutually transcend the boundaries of our institutes, training courses and professorships.

Together with fellow institutes, companies and organisations in the professional arena, we have, for example, developed living labs, professional workshops and centres of expertise. Students, lecturers and researchers from a variety of disciplines work together with professionals from the industries.

Partner in R&D and innovation

Collaboration at focal points in the chain (intermediate vocational education-higher vocational education-university education), and beyond, with other knowledge institutions, sector organisations, social institutions and the business community makes us an obvious regional R&D partner.  We initiate, investigate and answer research questions from the professional arena and society at large. We do so via our education and research programmes.

Together with our partners in the professional arena, we also realise innovation workshops at their organisations, institutions or business locations. Co-creation with the professional arena and the regions is key. As a partner, the professional arena is co-responsible for the content and implementation of our education. This connects us with current developments in professional practice, and our partners with prospective professionals.