Work permit

Work permit

​​​As an international student in the Netherlands, you may want to work alongside your studies or internship. If so, there are some restrictions you will need to take into account.

If you have a residence permit for the purposes of study, the number of hours you are allowed to work is restricted. You may either work full-time in June, July and August only, or work part-time (at most sixteen hours a week) throughout the rest of the year. You are not allowed to do both. Furthermore, your employer or employment agency has to give you a competitive salary and terms of employment.

If you are not a citizen of an EU/EEA country or are a citizen of Croatia, you will need a work permit, which is issued for a duration of one year. It is up to your employer or employment agency to apply for a work permit from the UWV Employee Insurance Agency on your behalf. You cannot do this yourself. The work permit application must be accompanied by a copy of your residence permit for study purposes and a statement from your education institution confirming that you are enrolled as a student at that institution.

Work permit applications take at most five weeks to process. In the case of students seeking to work part-time alongside their studies, there is a simplified application procedure whereby the UWV does not have to perform all the checks stipulated in the Foreign Nationals Employment Act (Wet arbeid vreemdelingen, WAV). Employers are not always aware of this simplified procedure and may therefore be wary about applying for a work permit. There is no need for this, however. 

This is the website ( for your employer to apply for your work permit as a work student. There is no need for employers to worry about applying for a work permit. 

Please note: If you work without a work permit you will risk your residence permit. Your​ employer will get a big fine (about 8000 euro!!). So stick to the rules and check if your employer has applied for your work permit. If you are working or you need to adapt your insurance into basic health care insurance. Be aware that your employer has to give you a copy of your work permit.