Open a bank account

Information about opening a bank account in the Netherlands

This text addresses a few financial aspects typical for the Netherlands, which could make your stay a lot easier.

Why a Dutch bank account?

A Dutch bank account helps you with your financial needs in The Netherlands during your stay.
More specifically it enables you:

  • To pay the annual tuition fee for your study in equal instalments (for instance, per month)
  • Pay the rent of your room automatically every month
  • Make low value payments in shops, at school (canteen), vendor machines etc
  • To do PIN transactions in the Netherlands, free of charge
  • The bank card enables use of ATMs and payments all over the world
  • Easy internet banking, which is included in your bank account application.

    How to open a Dutch bank account?

    Visit one of the banks mentioned at this leaflet and provide the following documents:

    • Your valid passport, of which a photocopy will be made
    • A proof of enrolment or registration at Fontys
    • Your residence permit for the Netherlands or the approval letter of the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) in case you do not have your residence permit card yet.
    • Your citizen registration number (BSN). You have received this number at your registration at the City hall. Or you will receive it shortly after your registration.
    • Proof of your address (copy rental contract of your room)


      In case you are a minor (<18) opening a bank account will not be easy. The Rabobank in Eindhoven* has made special arrangements for the minor international student. Bring the personal data of one of your parents, a home address and an email address. You are allowed to hand in your citizen registration number (BSN) at a later moment. If you have a birth certificate with you it will be of help. It is possible the other banks are also willing to make an exemption for you as a minor.

      Further instructions will be provided by the bank of your choice:


      Office De Witte Dame, Emmasingel 4, 5611 AZ Eindhoven*
      Office Tilburg, Spoorlaan 300, 5017 JZ Tilburg Office Venlo, Peperstraat 8, 5911 HA Venlo

      ING Bank

      Office Eindhoven, Nieuwstraat 1-5, 5611 DA Eindhoven
      Office Tilburg, Spoorlaan 420, 5038 CG Tilburg Office Venlo, Keulsepoort 10, 5911 BZ Venlo

      ABN-Amro bank

      Office Eindhoven, Vestdijk 18, 5611 CC Eindhoven Office Tilburg, Heuvelring 88, 5038 CL Tilburg Office Venlo, Keulsepoort 12, 5911 BZ Venlo