What are the accommodations like

Currently, it is not possible for students to select their accommodation on the basis of photographs displayed via the Fontys website or the website of the housing agency. However, a general impression of the buildings and rooms available has been included here. The rooms may look quite bare, but this means that you will be able to personalise your own private space. Fontys will decide to which housing agency you will be assigned. Some housing agencies provide an online system via which students will be able to search for and reserve their own rooms, based on rental fees, photographs, floor plans and locations.

Fontys can offer:

  • a standard furnished student room, rent euro 325,00 - euro 450 maximum (Eindhoven and Tilburg)
    Private room / shared facilities.
  • a semi-studio, rent euro 450 - euro 600 maximum (Eindhoven)
    Private room / partly private facilities.
  • a luxury room, rent euro 515 - euro 595 (Tilburg)
    Private room / shared facilities / TV-cosy furniture-all you need service
Ambience photo Fontys Ambience photo Fontys

Ambience photo Fontys Ambience photo Fontys
*this pictures will give an indication of what the accommodations will look like.