Rental fees

The average fee to rent a standard student room is between EUR 350 and EUR 450 per month. A standard room means you have to share facilities like the shower, toilet and kitchen. The more expensive room (semi-studio) has its own facilities (e.g. own shower and toilet but shared kitchen) The price can vary up to EUR 600. Tick the box of your choice on the accommodation form. Please note: the semi-studios are limited available in Eindhoven and not available in Tilburg.

In Tilburg a standard room costs max 400 euro. As from September 2019 the more luxery room ( everything you need service, cosy furniture pachage, more m2 , a flatscreen TV) is also (limited) available in Tilburg. Prices EUR 515 up to EUR 595.

As Fontys cooperates with a number of different housing agencies and as each party has different standards, the student rooms available vary widely in terms of appearance, size and rental fees. Although it is not possible for students to select the rooms and/or rental fees of their preference, all accommodation arranged by Fontys satisfies the minimum Quality standards of the accommodation. However, stay on the safe side and count on a rental fee of € 450 per month!

Please take into account that – in relation to guarantees – your housing agency will normally request an advance payment of the following items:

  • Two month terms of rental fees
  • A refundable deposit, usually to the amount of one month of rental fees, as a security bond in relation to any possible damage to the accommodation.

For example, if a student were offered accommodation at the rate of EUR 450 per month, this would imply that the amount of at least EUR 1,350 should be transferred in advance to the housing agency. In some cases, cleaning costs are charged separately (max. EUR 100).

Note for students from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cameroun and Nigeria.

For students from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cameroun and Nigeria it is obligatory to accept accommodation arranged via Fontys, the rent (start in September; 12 months + deposit) will be withheld from the living expenses and directly transferred to the landlord. In this case no other housing payments have to be made before the start of your study.