Student hotel Eindhoven

The Student Hotel

Fontys makes a pre-reservation of several rooms at the Student Hotel in Eindhoven. At the moment there is no pre-reservation available. The new reservation code will be available in April. This code will be valid until 15 June 2019 as long as availability allows it. You will automatically receive the Fontys discount if you use the code given below.

Go to Select your location and click "I have a group code” and fill in the valid Fontys code.

If you want a room for 5 months use code 5FONTYSGR

If you want a room for 11 months use code 11FONTYSGR

Please read the Terms & Conditions en House Rules

The Student Hotel has more rooms available .

You can book via this link If you use this link without the group code you will not receive the Fontys discount.

More information about the Student Hotel can be found here.

You can also book hotel rooms from 1 – 14 nights at the Student Hotel if you (and your parents) are planning to visit the Netherlands before your study starts.

Reservations: or call +31 20 760 7575

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