Accommodation in Eindhoven

In short, the application procedure for a housing request through Fontys

  • Student reads the General information on Accommodation and the Terms and conditions.
  • Student fills in and sends accommodation form to before the deadline: Fall semester 15 June, Spring semester 8 December.
  • You will receive a confirmation on receipt of the accommodation form
  • You will receive detailed information about the housing agency 4 weeks before start of study at the latest.
  • Housing agency contacts student
  • Student transfers the required amount of rent + deposit before arrival to housing agency (no payment = no entrance accommodation, but still the obligation to close rental contract)
  • Accommodation is available on the agreed date.
  • You are obliged to accept and pay for the offered room for the whole period
  • Exchange students need to fill in the accommodation form through Mobility Online

In Eindhoven we can offer a standard room< € 450,00 as stated in “the general information on accommodation 2019-2020 or a semi-studio < € 600,00 –  private bathroom and toilet / shared or private kitchen.

You can tick the box of your preference on the accommodation form.