Fontys has agreements with over 380 partner institutions in more than 60 countries all over the world. Of which 30 agreements are managed on a central level, which enables students and staff from all Fontys Schools to study or teach abroad.

But also administrative and supporting staff are encouraged to share knowledge and exchange with our partners abroad. Most of our partner institutes offer courses taught in English, but some will only deliver courses in the primary language of that country. Students can go abroad for one semester, they also participate in short term courses or projects abroad. Fontys partner universities are selected on the basis of a set of criteria, such as accreditation, course programmes offered, student satisfaction levels and locations. Fontys actively encourages students to participate in international activities, either abroad or by engaging them in internationalisation activities at home. Every year, Fontys attends the APAIE, NAFSA and EAIE conferences in order to maintain these partnerships.

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