Our research

Research is high on the agenda at Fontys. Applied innovative and practical research that we carry out in close cooperation with, and for, the professional arena. We try to match the innovation needs of companies and institutions as much as possible across five important and topical fields of expertise. Our research themes are aimed at developing Fontys into a knowledge-intensive network organisation linked to societal and corporate issues.

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Our five research themes:

- Creative Economy
High Tech Systems & Materials
Learning Society
Smart Society

Developing the professional arena, society and education

With the knowledge acquired from our research, we contribute to the improvement of the professional arena, the renewal and further development of economic and social sectors and to our education. It takes our education to a higher level. Moreover, research strengthens the investigative attitude of our students and establishes the relationship with society and the professional arena. With high quality, state-of-the-art education and research, we educate our students to be ready for the future.


We carry out our research within professorships and research programmes with (European) grants. Fontys had a total of 45 professorships at the end of 2017, one of which was in collaboration with another university of applied sciences (Zuyd University of Applied Sciences).

The full professor and professorship form the axis of the research function. The full professor is the link between education and research, between lecturers and researchers, and between universities of applied sciences, the business community and society. Each institute has one or more professorships of its own, or is intensively involved in the professorships of other courses.

Embedding research in our education

At Fontys, every student, lecturer and study programme is structurally involved in research. We embed research in our education in different ways:

  • All courses have continuous learning lines in which research and research skills are paramount.

  • Students participate in the research of their study programme, for example, via internships and graduation projects, but also in the context of minors and affiliation programmes.

  • Students also actively participate in practical research in the various centres of expertise and professional workshops. At these they work together with professionals from the professional arena, researchers and lecturers.