Our education

Challenging, fascinating and well-organised education: that's what Fontys embodies. Our education is based on the cornerstones of knowledge, skills and professional attitude. As such we prepare our students well for professional practice or independent entrepreneurship. We give them a good basis, with plenty of scope for developing and training talent. That works: our students inject added value to the job market with good job prospects.

Ambience photo Fontys

Appropriate study programme for every student

Fontys offers suitable study programmes for every student. Our prospectus is multifaceted and varied: from full-time to part-time programmes, from Associate degrees to Master's degrees, and from minor's to honours programmes. We also offer education for working people, as well as bridging and career development programmes for intermediate & higher vocational education (MBO-HBO) and higher vocational education & university education (HBO-WO).
For optimal connection with the regional professional arena, we link up to its dynamics and needs. For example, we focus explicitly on modularisation of (part-time) education and time & location-independent learning through online education.

Comprehensive yet small-scale

Fontys has over 43,000 students. Yet our education is organised on a small scale across 27 independently operating institutes (universities of applied sciences). Within each institute, every student can easily find their niche. In addition, we pay special attention to career guidance, coaching and buddy systems, teaching and examination schedules, feedback on tests and assignments, study progress registration, information provision and accessibility of lecturers.

TEC for society: ready for the future

Products and production processes change, jobs and functions come and go, careers are more unpredictable, and the demands we place on employees are fundamentally different from those of a few decades ago. Society demands professionals with a different knowledge base, skillset and attitude. As a comprehensive knowledge institute with a central position in (regional) society, we naturally respond to these changes. We give our students, be they full-time or part-time professionals, TEC skills. TEC stands for Technology, Entrepreneurship and Creativity.

Flexibilisation of part-time education for Lifelong Learning

Fontys offers a wide spectrum of 100 part-time courses (16 ADs, 63 Bachelors, 29 Master’s). We see educational flexibility as part of our social mission to contribute to talent development and economic development. That is why we are committed to making higher education more accessible for adults.
We want people to enjoy Lifelong Learning with us. For (young) employed adults it is an important platform for professional, social and personal development and mobility.

Especially for working people: Fontys Pro

If you want to study alongside your job, you can do so via Fontys Pro. Fontys Pro offers workers bespoke support in their professional and personal development. We do so on the basis of current insights, together with companies and other professionals. Within Fontys Pro, all (part-time) courses and training courses are combined. With a flexible set-up and personal guidance, the study programmes fit into work and private lives.

Associate degrees

In the context of Lifelong Learning, we also invest in Associate degree programmes. By doing so we want to better meet the needs of the professional arena and reduce the drop-out of specific target groups. A two year AD is particularly appealing to people with an intermediate vocational education (MBO) background, who want to acquire knowledge at higher vocational education level (HBO), but do not want to start a course for at least four years.

Contract activities

Fontys offers a range of courses, research programmes, training, services and consultancy. We offer these in the form of contract activities.
The Fontys professional market is formed by all the educational activities and services we offer to the 23+ target group. Fontys services in the professional market lead to knowledge circulation with companies and institutes, in the Fontys region (North Brabant and Limburg) and in the rest of the Netherlands. 

Among other ways, the relationship between contract activities and education takes shape through:
- Internships and work-experience placements for students
- Practical experience and market activities for lecturers
- Direct contact with the professional arena through internships, work placements and alumni
- Innovation of the professional arena by combining knowledge, experience and practice.