Our company course

Fontys has a clear social mission: to offer inspiring, challenging and outstanding higher vocational education and to carry out practical research that is meaningful to society. We enable students to discover their talents and develop themselves as best they can in their own way. We do so to prepare them for a successful professional start; to become professionals who assume social responsibility, contribute to innovations within their field and continue to develop. Moreover, in the professional arena we work on themed innovations that matter, in collaboration with government, institutions and companies.

Ambience photo Fontys

Guiding principles

Our byword for students and staff is 'Growth through focus and challenge'. Our remit is based on the following three guiding principles:

  • Comprehensive yet small-scale
    For our students, vocational education forms the basis. It is a stimulating learning environment: recognisable and personal. With specific lecturers and allocated space in the buildings.
  • Taking advantage of differences Education and research take place within the context of one's own education, dovetailed in line with the professional arena. This cultural diversity is reflected across the full organisational spectrum. By connecting, working together and utilising one another's strengths, we elevate Fontys to a higher level.
  • Transparent and approachableWe are accountable for our actions and our contribution to changes in society. We assume responsibility for our calibre and our social significance. Furthermore, we actively seek opportunities to account for this externally.

Strategic agenda: Fontys Focus 2020

Our strategic institutional plan, Fontys Focus 2020, outlines our ambitions in terms of the student, the professional arena and the organisation. We have formulated nine objectives that inspire and give direction: