Other tools

1. The Camera does not work in My Online Workplace

That's correct. You can use the basic facilities of Skype or Teams on the virtual computer (which you work on via My Online Workplace). In those applications on My Online Workplace video conferencing is not possible.

2. How do I set up Skype for Business?

On a Fontys laptop Skype for Business is already installed. No additional settings are required. On a private laptop you can install Skype for Business according to the manual. This can be found via a link on Fontysconnect.nl/Thuiswerken. https://connect.fontys.nl/diensten/IT/handleidingen/Paginas/Handleiding-Thuiswerken.aspx#skypeinstalleren

3. I don't have/can't get a Direct Access connection, what should I do?

No Direct Access connection is mainly due to the fact that you are not on the Fontys Portal (message: page not found). You then have no connection to Fontys Connect. Restore the connection as follows: turn off your laptop, wait two minutes and restart. The connection is then restored. https://connect.fontys.nl/diensten/IT/handleidingen/Paginas/Handleiding-Thuiswerken.aspx#portalconnect

4. Which online tools can and may I use?

Here, too, the agreements within your institute/training are leading. Tools that you use in the physical classroom can in principle also be used online. Fontys wide is the starting point: use the standard systems (such as Fontys connect/ training portal, n@tschool, GradeWork, etc.), all Office 365 applications (so rather Forms for a quiz than Kahoot or Socrative) and the programs offered on the Fontys Application Portal (e.g. MindJet Mind Manager for mindmaps). Students can carry out assignments in their own tools and are then themselves responsible for matters such as GDPR.

5. Which tool should I use to pre-record my lesson and make it available to students?

The advice is to use MS Teams for this and to include a meeting with only yourself as a participant. If your institute already uses Mediasite, you can record lectures via MyMediasite and the Mediasite Desktop Recorder and transfer them to the Mediasite. If your institute does not use Mediasite, the lectures will be on your personal MyMediasite environment. We do not recommend sharing a recording with students from here because the recording is in your personal environment. In addition, there are tools for each institution / course to make videos, such as Camtasia and Apple iMovie. If you make an MP4 of your lesson, you can share it through the usual channels within the course.

16. Is Skype an alternative to MS Teams?

No, not for teaching or multi-person meetings.  Skype for business can be used by employees on a Fontys laptop as usual for chatting and calling a colleague. For online meetings and teaching MS Teams is the best choice. 

17. The camera doesn't work in Skype or MS Teams but it does in other applications.

The best solution is to delete the camera plus operating program in 'Device Manager'. Select the camera and click on the option: Undo installation. Then you need to restart the laptop/computer and the camera will work again. For detailed instructions with images, see the page: Working from home. fontysconnect.nl/thuiswerken

18. Mymediasite is no longer supported on Mac that is up to date (The screen recorder is 32 bits).

Apple has placed a beta version in the Mac Appstore. This works with the latest version of MacOS Catalina. You can find it under the name 'Mediasite Capture'.

19. How do I set up My Online Workplace?

In the IT Manuals (fontys.nl/allesoverict) in the section 'Workspace' you will find an extensive manual. The short version is:

  1. Download the Citrix Workspace app.
  2. Use the Explorer to go to this download (CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe), right click on it, select 'Run as administrator'.
  3. Click on 'Add account' and fill in: https://cag.fontys.nl.
  4. Log in with your Fontys account. The Username is your Fontys username pcn@student.fontys.nl or pcn@fontys.nl, the Password is your Fontys password.
  5. Click on the button 'Log on'.
  6. Logging in may take a little longer the first time.
  7. Click on the Windows 10 icon and start My Online Workplace.

20. Can and may I use 'Zoom' for educational meetings?

No, 'Zoom' should not be used, this application is not safe. On the advice of the Group Information Security Officer, the CvB has decided to issue a 'no go' for Zoom for Fontys. It is therefore immediately forbidden to use Zoom within Fontys. For video communication, everyone is requested to use MS Teams or Skype.