Other questions on education

Physical education will be possible again from 15 January. From what date am I welcome in the lessons again? (16-01-22)
Lately, most of our lessons have been online. We ask for your understanding that switching to physical education will take some time. Your study programme will inform you as soon as possible about your new schedule and/or the changes. The following rules apply:
- It is compulsory to wear mouth masks inside and outside the classrooms, laboratories, project areas, lecture halls and media libraries. It is recommended not to wear homemade or fabric mouthguards, but the disposable ones, whereby type II or II-R is preferred.
- A maximum group size of 75 persons is allowed in teaching rooms, with the exception of tests (see (online) tests).
- Observe basic hygiene measures.
- Follow the quarantine guidelines.
- Keep one and a half metres away from each other and give each other space.
- Ensure optimum ventilation.

Will the tests again take place on location? (16-01-22)
For tests with more than the maximum number of 75 people in a teaching room, it will be examined whether the group can be split up.

Now that physical education is possible again, are there also study choice activities again? (16-01-22)
Study choice activities are regarded as educational activities. Now that physical education is once again possible, this also means that study choice activities can continue to take place on location. The same rules apply to visitors to these activities as to our own students and staff.

I am in quarantine at home because of (possible) infection and/or complaints. So I have to stay at home but I don't want to miss my exam. Is there a solution? (10-12-21)
We would also rather not have you come to Fontys with complaints, but we also do not want you to miss your exam and end up delaying your studies. Contact your study programme/study counsellor to agree on a tailor-made solution.

How does Fontys facilitate hybrid education (physical education to be followed at a distance)? (04-06-21)
The measures and adjustments made to buildings are aimed at facilitating remote participation in education that takes place on campus (hybrid education). For this purpose, teaching rooms will be equipped with good IT facilities so that remote participation is qualitatively and easily possible. This will enable us to retain what we have learned and experienced, and it will ensure the continuity of our education, should the pandemic flare up again.

How does Fontys facilitate the recording of online course material? (04-06-21)
The IT department will investigate whether the current facilities (studios, recording equipment) are sufficient to facilitate the recording of course material and lessons.

How does Fontys facilitate remote participation in meetings on campus? (04-06-21)
The meeting rooms will be equipped with good IT facilities so that remote participation is qualitatively and easily possible. The IT department will install fixed video conferencing facilities in the medium-sized (4 people and more) and large meeting rooms (8 people and more).

Will there be facilities for individual video conferencing at Fontys locations? (04-06-21)
If you want or need to make video calls on location, you can do so in the (smaller) meeting rooms if these are available. We need to find a way in that together. We will monitor in the new year how it goes.

Is there enough WIFI at Fontys locations for hybrid education? (04-06-21)
According to calculations, the current wifi network should be able to handle the more intensive use of the internet. Nevertheless, the quality of the internet connections is occasionally poor. If you are experiencing inconvenience from poor or slow internet connection, the helpdesk IT is there to help with an upgrade of the internal memory of a laptop and/or the installation of a newer/correct version of the software drivers. This may be a solution to the inconvenience being experienced. For questions please contact the IT Helpdesk: it-helpdesk@fontys.nl.

Can I view my tests? (09-03-21)
If institutes wish to allow students to peruse examinations, they may inform the LCT of the location in question. The LCT, in close consultation with the institute, will ensure that the tests are administered securely within the known frameworks (maximum numbers per building, distance etc.).

Does the postponement of binding study advice also apply to me if I joined in February? (04-11-20)
The Board of Governors has decided to postpone the issuance of the (binding) study advice for one year also for students who started their studies in February.

Am I eligible for financial compensation of tuition fees?
If you graduate in the period June 2020 to August 2021, you will receive a one-off compensation amounting to a maximum of 3 months of tuition fees. This means a one-off compensation of € 535. This also applies to (international) students who pay institutional tuition fees. If your details are known to DUO, you do not have to do anything and DUO will automatically transfer the amount to you. If your details are missing, DUO will contact you to request these details.

Because of the coronavirus, I can't work alongside my studies because my secondary job has stopped. I can't pay my tuition fees. What can I do?
DUO makes every effort to help you and will take your personal situation into account. At DUO, you can make use of the loan possibilities and increase your loan. If necessary, with retroactive effect from the beginning of the academic year. In addition, you can apply for a tuition credit. You can arrange this yourself via myDUO. If this is still insufficient, please contact DUO for a customised solution.

Is it still possible to get extra guidance from a student counsellor or student psychologist?
Yes, it is. Due to the measures related to the Corona virus, all appointments take place by telephone- or via Skype conferences. Check www.fontys.edu/fontyshelps

I am an international student, where can I go with questions that do not directly affect my studies but my well-being?
We want your stay in NL to be pleasant despite the situation and to make you feel good.Fontys' services continue, it is now also possible to make an appointment with a student coach, dean or psychologist via Skype.Other information can be found here: fontys.edu/fontyshelps.


What are the financial consequences if I am no longer able to participate in my exchange program due to changed circumstances?
If, due to the (global, national or regional) situation, you can no longer participate in the Fontys exchange program of your choice, then the financial risks is for the student.

What are the consequences if I decide to return to my home country prematurely?
In that case, you are responsible for any costs for accommodation, even if it is booked through Fontys and also for the extra costs for the return journey. Where possible and if necessary in consultation with your home university, your program will try to offer you a suitable alternative for continuing your set study program. The possibilities for this may vary per situation.

I can't get my diploma certified because my school is closed. What should I do?
In many cases, you can also have a certified copy of your diploma made at another official body in your country, such as a notary or the municipality.


My international study/internship will start soon, how do I know it is safe to go abroad? You will only be allowed to travel abroad if the travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is green or yellow. Make sure you keep yourself informed and contact your coordinator Internationalisation to discuss your options.

What are the consequences of the coronavirus for my Erasmus scholarship? Please contact studyabroad@fontys.nl and take a look at the Erasmus+ scholarships page.