Unique arts project in the countryside around Tilburg

abbey Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven [Our Lady of Koningshoeven] abbey Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven [Our Lady of Koningshoeven]

Tim Durlinger l Tilburg, May 24 2018 This article in Dutch, dit artikel in het Nederlands

FHK alumni, and others, are going to supervise FHK students during a three-day art project executed in the Tilburg areas of Moerenburg and Koningshoeven, next October. This project, entitled ‘Regal landscape’, includes various interventions enabling the visitor to explicitly experience this verdant and historic rural zone.

Stimulated by officials of the province, the municipality is looking for possibilities to enhance the connection between the green periphery surrounding Tilburg and the city. FHK has been asked to contribute to this project. “It is rather exceptional that the municipality does not simply ask us to execute the assignment, but remains involved as an active partner,” Annemarie Pijnappel, Project Office coordinator states.    

All sectors

After Marc Glaumans, former Head of Studies, had written a project proposal, at the end of last year, a study group started to develop the proposal. Alda Alagic is in charge of the content of the project; Annemarie Pijnappel manages the entrepreneurial aspects. The idea is that all four FHK sectors will participate in the rural project.

The performances will take place in the weekend of October, 12, 13 and 14 2018. It involves the entire Moerenburg-Koningshoeven area, although we also intend to create a pavilion or an event space in the area.  By now, the first drafts have been interchanged with the study group. “It probably is going to be a sort of itinerary. Through temporary interventions we are going to create the connection between the rural zone and the city. Because the area has a quiet area label, it is uncertain whether we can achieve something permanent. But who knows, we might leave something digital, “according to Annemarie.


Alumni have been granted a crucial role in the Regal Landscape project. Six of them have applied: Architecture (two), Art Education, Dance, Theatre and ArtCoDe. “Theatre is going to collect and reveal stories from people living and working in the area”, the entrepreneurial manager explains. “A dance performance based on the existing landscape will raise the visitor’s awareness of the environment.

And the idea emerged of doing something with the types of soil that can be found in the area, using glazing techniques. To attract young people, the idea of gamification arose.  To disclose in what way the process evolves, we want to start weekly vlogs. ” In the weeks to come, the ideas will take further shape. Early June, a three-day gathering will be held ‘to see to the implementation of the project and to capture the momentum’.

The explicit involvement of alumni has to do with the fact that this project emerges on top of everything else that is happening during this quite busy period at FHK. Students have the possibility to get involved in these activities using the ‘free space’ that has replaced the minors, mandatory in the second and third academic year. But they can also participate as an intern. “It is pleasant and interesting to do it in this way. For me it is the first time that we embark on an interdisciplinary project together with alumni”, Annemarie says.


In 1881, French Trappist monks (the Order of Cistercians) found refuge in Berkel-Enschot, North Brabant, on a plot of heath land including farmhouses and a sheep-fold. The farmhouses were called ‘the Koningshoeven’ after their previous owner King Willem II. In one of the farmhouses the Trappist monks founded their abbey. Ten years later, the construction of the present abbey Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven [Our Lady of Koningshoeven] was concluded and the monks settled in. Currently the trappist beer 'La Trappe' is brewed in the abbey’s brewery De Koningshoeven.


Together with consultant co-creation Jur van der Lecq, the coordinator has already been busy looking for possibilities for co-creations transcending the traditional academic curriculum. FHK’s strategic objectives include co-creations with society as a field of action and interdisciplinary activities”, she explains. Apart from ‘Regal Landscape’, Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Museum De Pont are bound to become collaboration partners.   

The alumni participating in Regal Landscape are:

- ArtCoDe: Natasja Lauwers and Moyra Besjes (bureau by aaaa)
- Master Architecture and Urbanism: Het Nieuwe Collectief and Lex Hildenbrant
- Master of Education in Visual Arts and Design: Danny van der Laan
- Bachelor of Education in Theatre: Hidde Brouwers
- Dance Academy: Jade van Hout
- Fiona Damen is project leader on behalf of the city of Tilburg.

Moerenburg Moerenburg Moerenburg Moerenburg


  • Friday    12 October 2018: 15.00 - 18.00 h
  • Saturday 13 October 2018: 15.00 - 18.00 h
  • Sunday   14 October 2018:  12.00 - 17.00 h


'Vorstelijk Landschap' (Regal Landscape) takes place near Cafe Zomerlust (Oisterwijksebaan 15 Tilburg) and behind the football fields of Were Di (Moerenburgseweg 6, Tilburg).


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