Claudia Linders Head of Studies Fontys Academy of Architecture & Urbanism

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Tilburg, 30 March 2018 This article in Dutch, dit artikel in het Nederlands

Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts (FHK) in Tilburg has appointed Claudia Linders (1966) as chief executive of the international Fontys Academy of Architecture & Urbanism (MA+U) in Tilburg. On April 3, 2018, Linders will succeed Marc Glaudemans who took his leave early this year to continue his career as a managing director at the Province of Noord-Brabant.

Pivotal spot for investigative attitude

From her interdisciplinary research and design office, Claudia Linders, trained as an architect, works at the interface between visual arts and the architectural domain. As a manager in the arts education and as a member of various advisatory and governing committees, Linders is involved in the development, coaching, inspiring and guiding of both young and upcoming talent and well-established professionals. From her position as Head of Studies at Fontys Academy of Architecture & Urbanism (MA+U) her focus lies on the reinforcement of the positioning of educational programmes. Pivotal in this process is an investigative attitude in an academic environment that by no means is avoiding big social issues.

Linking global themes to local issues

The educational programmes connect a reflective attitude with an entrepreneurial demeanour, link global themes to local issues, and combine the development of a conceptual force of ideas with the expansion of practical skills. ‘The special issues that are facing us in tomorrow’s world are multifaceted, complex and pluralistic. With the interdisciplinary approach that the MA+U is conveying to its students, the student develops the necessary footing and competences to work in that complex world. I’m looking forward to start my job on the basis of that vision, together with the Fontys team, members of staff and students, and thus continue the work of Marc Glaudemans,’ Linders states.

Iinterdisciplinary collaboration

In the process of positioning the educational programmes, Linders is going to look explicitly for interdisciplinary collaboration, both with other educational programmes/masters within FHK and with the outside world. 'Collaboration, co-creation and cooperation are notions which take centre stage in today’s (inter)national practice; it is a state of mind. I want to nurture and bring into action that state of mind and provide a sustainable embedding of the educational programme within its context, and use the surplus value of FHK’s artistic power and potential: an interdisciplinary environment as a perpetual learning document that creates space for experiment.’'

On the educational programmes:

The two international Masters of the Academy of Architecture (MSc) & Urbanism (MSc) are divisions of Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg. MA+U is one of the six Academies of Architecture in the Netherlands where you can attend a part-time master educational programme in Architecture or Urban Development. The professional field is an intrinsic part of the studies: learning and working are integrated entities.


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