Neurofeedback & stress reduction

AI application for female cardiac patients

Real-time stress awareness and stress reduction using artificial intelligence and big data from neurofeedback coming from wearables.

Project results

AI and Big Data

1) Artificial Intelligence methods to differentiate between stress levels from heart rhythm and heart rhythm variation data.
2) An application that processes this data in real time and provides feedback on the stress level and steps to follow.
3) The degree of stress reduction that is achieved through the application of the neurofeedback system.
4) Insight into optimal forms of data storage, data processing and analysis of this type of data.

Humans and Technology, Interaction Design, Health Innovations & Technology

5) Validation of the generated cardiovascular parameters.
6) Design of the system and applicability within healthcare/treatments of the chronically ill.
7) Research into the acceptance of the technical solution in practice.
8) Overview of the system’s impact on users.

Project team

Gerard Schouten Llector AI & Big Data), Janienke Sturm (Lector Mens en Technologie), Mark de Graaf (Lector Interaction Design), Eveline Wouters (Lector Health Innovations and Technology)
Wavy Assistent: Daryl Autar, Steve Thijssen, Gijs Verdonschot & Lian Kuiper.
Mama Producties: Frederike Manders, Gudule Manders & Bodhi van Baardewijk
Sonderkamp Research: Trudi Sonderkamp
Tonno Holding B.V.: Toon van Strijp

Time frame

February 2020 till December 2020

Lectorate Big Data

Gerard Schouten

08850 85299

Project manager

Gerard Schouten

08850 85299


Wavy Assistant, Mama Producties BV, Sonderkamp Research, Tonno Holding