How can the counting and classification of nematodes in a soil sample, which is currently done by hand, be automated?

Project results

The result of this project is a Proof of Concept of a flatbed scanner for the analysis of nematodes, which is able to count and classify nematodes using Deep Learning and virtual modelling techniques.

Project team

Gert-Jan van der Wijst, Jelle Adema, Alexander Warkus, Wowa Pavlov, Iwan Gijsbers (RobaLab), Leon Swinkels (RobaLab), Jan Willem van Bree (CytoSMART) en Tom Nijhof (Cytosmart)

Time frame

January 2020 till December 2021

Research group Agro-Mechatronics

Marcel Roosen

08850 78422

Project manager

Marcel Roosen

08850 78422


RobaLab & CytoSMART