1. Is MS Teams safe to use for my lessons/ meetings?

Yes. MS Teams is part of the standard package Office 365 and is Fontysbreed supported.

2. When do I choose a one-time online lesson/ meeting or when do I create a team?

This mainly depends on the agreements and choices within your institute/education: do you work as much as possible from the existing online environment and do you want to organize an online lesson afterwards or do you want to organize your education with MS Teams as a basis. 

3. Are there camera's/ headsets/ iPad's etc. available from Dienst IT to take home with you when teaching online with MS Teams?

At the moment there are no possibilities to collect materials. Perhaps other agreements have been made about this within your institute/education.

4. Can I just record my lesson? Or do I have to ask everyone for permission?

At the moment there are many questions regarding the recording of course material and/or tests, also because MS Teams, for example, makes this possible. It is good to make agreements about this together, about how we as Fontys deal with this. We follow the GDPR principles.

1. no surreptitious recordings

If we want to record something, we don't do it secretly. We are transparent about what we are doing and if we want to record something we agree before a meeting, lesson or test starts.

2. When we record something, we have a clear goal in mind, which we registrat

We don't just record things just like that, in case it might be useful later on. We think about this, record it in a document (including why we do it) and communicate about it. This has to be agreed with in the “MR”

3. We choose the most privacy-friendly solution

We only record if this is necessary for the purpose we set and only if we haven't been able to come up with a more privacy-friendly way. An example of recording a privacy-friendly lesson could be: agreeing with the students to turn off their microphone and picture, only recording if you are speaking as an instructor and giving those who do not want to be recorded the opportunity to ask questions after the recording has stopped. For tests, identification will also have to take place. This can be done by showing the ID online to a limited group (the assessors). Do not record this identification, it is sufficient to indicate on a form that this has been done.

4. We choose data minimization

We do not store more personal data than necessary, so we do not record more than necessary. It is also nice to make arrangements for students not to have every student recorded, but to do this centrally if the students need this for teaching purposes (1x storage = data minimization).

5. Asking permission from a student is a difficult basis

There's a lot of questions: "if I get permission from my students, can I record?" Under the GDPR, permission must be given freely and there is a difference in hierarchy between the tutor and the student, no matter how good the relations are. Permission is therefore not worth much, certainly not just before taking a test, for example. Therefore, do not ask for permission. We do this in the context of justified interest, as it is called in the GDPR, i.e. because it is necessary for our education. The prevention of fraud may also be expressly regarded as necessary. A student or instructor may therefore not refuse (if permission is granted, this is possible). If a student or lecturer objects, the privacy interests of each individual will be weighed up, for example, by the examination board or the MT.

6. How can I ensure that students are present when I want to organize an online meeting? I want to be able to start the meeting as soon as I have finished with the previous group.

This requires above all a clear agreement between teacher and students.  The advice is to agree on fixed times so that everyone knows where they stand, for example in accordance with the schedule. Within a channel or team, you can schedule a meeting (click on the camera icon at the bottom of 'new message'). You give the meeting a clear title and indicate the time at which it takes place. All students can then click on 'participate' at the start time. You can also participate as an organizer as soon as you have finished with your previous group. If you like, after creating the meeting you can indicate in 'Meeting options' that students first have to wait "in the lobby" until you are there as an organizer. Alternatively, you can arrange certain time blocks with your students you are present for consultation in a team or channel. If you click on 'Meet now', you can see if all members are active on MS Teams or not. You can invite them to join or they can join themselves.

7. How can employees make use of therecording facilities in buildings R3 and P8?

Building P8, campus Stappegoor in Tilburg

The building is open for the use of the recording studio.  Procedure:

  • The manager of the studio in P8 is Peer van Sprang; please contact him if you want to use the recording studio via p.vansprang@fontys.nl or 08850 72489.
  • The studio can only be used by appointment and in the presence of the manager.
  • Peer van Sprang supports the use of the studio.
  • Peer van Sprang has access to building P8 between 8.00 -17.00 hours to support the use of the studio; he will come to the building at the agreed time.
  • Peer van Sprang informs the facility managers of Stappegoor (Simon Bergmans, assistant facility manager, via s.bergmans@fontys.nl en Roderick Buikema, facility manager, via r.buikema@fontys.nl) by whom to access P8 at what time.
  • Peer van Sprang is known to the facility managers of Stappegoor (Simon Bergmans and Roderick Buikema) as manager of the studio in P8.

Building R3, Rachelsmolen campus in Eindhoven

Building R3 is open for use of MediaSite in lecture hall R3. Procedure:

  • Employees can gain access to building R3 between 8.00 - 17.00; they gain access to the lecture hall in question with MediaSite. This facility can also be used by people who have already worked with it in another building.
  • To gain access, employees must register in advance with the facility managers of Rachelsmolen (Niels Kuijpers, assistant facility manager via n.kuijpers@fontys.nl and Desiree Hendrix, facility manager, via d.hendrix@fontys.nl).
  • For substantive questions, please contact the manager Marcel Heling (m.heling@fontys.nl or 08850 78180).

8. If I record a meeting, can it be uploaded to YouTube by participants/students (privacy protection)? And if I don't record anything, can't they?

In principle, all participants of a meeting within MS Teams can make a recording, provided they are from Fontys. You will be notified within the team when a recording is made. And if you as a teacher have already started the recording, it is no longer possible for the participants to start a recording within Teams. This recording will be within Microsoft Stream and in the team/channel where you have given the lesson. This recording is visible to the team members but is not public and cannot just be posted on YouTube. Advice is to make clear agreements about this in advance with the students and to refer to the GDPR principles that have been established within Fontys with regard to recording in Teams. If you want to know more about the GDPR look here. More information about recording a meeting can be found on the site: https://support.office.com/nl-nl/article/een-vergadering-opnemen-in-teams-34dfbe7f-b07d-4a27-b4c6-de62f1348c24.