Members of the research group

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Jean Louis Steevensz, PhD

Chair of the Research Group

Specialization: Research on business model innovation


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Devrim Y. Eskiyerli, PhD

Associate Lector

Specialization: Sustainable Business Models, Circular Economy


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Sonja Floto-Stammen, PhD

Specialization: Agro-Food System, Circular Economy, Sustainability in Food Production


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Lisa Bakir

PhD Candidate

Topic: Servitization Strategies for SMEs

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Xander Stegehuis

PhD Candidate

Topic: Impact of Servitization on Value Networks

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Natalia Naranjo Guevara, PhD

Lecturer Researcher

Specialization: Entomology, food security, sustainability

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Etienne Engelhart, LLM

Lecturer Researcher | Business Developer

Specialization: Legal implications of business innovation


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Rob van Dun, MSc

Specialization: Business Model Innovation, Outcome Driven Innovation, Innovation Strategies


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Katerina Ruseva

Student Assistant at the Research Group

Passionate about sustainability, healthy lifestyle and making the world a better place