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Vision and ambition

‘Thought leadership is not something you can just claim. True thought leaders don’t say ”we want to be a thought leader”. Real thought leaders say “we believe there’s a different approach” and “we want to be the best at this other approach,”’

The quote above represents our vision on thought leadership in a nutshell. Thought leadership is not a slick communications campaign or the way an organisation describes itself. It is a value that customers and stakeholders assign to an organisation as a result of the innovative actions and philosophy that it communicates, the passion and determination with which it does this, and the degree to which it offers meaning for the economy and society.

The thought leadership professorship aims to make thought leadership a surprising and valuable positioning strategy. We believe in organisations that aren’t afraid to position themselves on the cutting edge of economy and society, that think outside of the box to do so, and lend meaning and imagination to innovative notions through their actions and communications. We believe in change, whereby future-oriented thinking, research and an investigative attitude are inextricably linked to one another.

This is why the professorship hopes to become the obvious trendsetting knowledge centre where current and up-and-coming communications professionals and organisations can come with the questions and challenges they face when it comes to thought leadership. In order to achieve this, we develop inspirational case studies on thought leadership, supply methods and tools and measuring instruments that support these organisations in formulating their thought leadership strategies, publish articles to ensure that the substance of thought leadership is firmly placed on the international map, professionalise the education at FBC, and support communications professionals in developing their thought leadership strategy. We provide in-company and other presentations, lectures, workshops and recommendations. We are also involved in national and international partnerships with educational and research institutions to professionalise thought leadership so that it can become a surprising and valuable positioning strategy.