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Target groups

Also acting as an international research institute, the professorship has been created for businesses, for-profit and non-profit organisations, governments, communications professionals, students, educational and knowledge institutions that consider thought leadership to be a relevant positioning strategy, and have a clear need for knowledge, tools and instruments for making their thought leadership strategy a success.

Businesses, for-profit and non-profit organisations and governments

Businesses, for-profit and non-profit organisations and governments that are drawn to our philosophy and activities may contact us to set up practice-relevant studies, in-company presentations, seminars, publications or graduation work placement programmes. If you would like to share your best practices on thought leadership with us, please contact us to explore how we can work together to translate this into an article, business case or guest presentation within the FHC educational facilities.

Communications professionals

For communications professionals, we are the obvious point of contact for the questions and challenges they face when it comes to thought leadership. You can contact us for in-company and other presentations, lectures, workshops and recommendations. We can also put you in touch with motivated and talented students who can help you solve a thought leadership issue in the form of a work placement, graduation project or group assignment. Do you have a question or problem involving thought leadership that is relevant to your practice? If so, please feel free to contact us.

Educational and knowledge institutions

For educational and knowledge institutions, the international research institute can serve as a collaborative partner for themes and questions involving thought leadership (such as innovation, sustainability, design, and positioning). We are always looking for partners for collective research projects, the development of tools, or the professionalisation and innovation of education.


For ambitious students, the professorship is the ultimate breeding ground for innovative knowledge, expertise and ideas related to thought leadership. It is a springboard to working in the business community, a master’s degree programme, an international collaborative effort, or the development of their first publication. We are the only knowledge centre working on an international level that teaches students about thought leadership during their study programme through the practical application of what they have learned. With the thought leadership minor module, we teach students what thought leadership is, and how organisations create a thought leadership strategy. We put students in touch with businesses, professional peers, and actively involve them in the development of knowledge, tools and measuring instruments in the field of thought leadership. In doing so, we train our students to become trendsetting communications professionals who are able to give meaning to a new reality through innovative views, an investigative attitude, relevant strategic thought processes, imagination and a ‘let’s make it happen’ mentality.

Does this appeal to you as a student? If so, please contact us and let us know what your objectives are.