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How we work

As an international research institute, the thought leadership professorship works on knowledge products. We provide knowledge products that are relevant to the practice rather than supplying answers to academic research questions. Although we frequently use academic insights and methods, our starting point is always that up-and-coming communications professionals or organisations must consider our knowledge products to be valuable to the success of their thought leadership strategy. A few examples include a method for helping an organisation discover its Novel Point of View, inspirational business cases from current thought leaders, or measuring instruments for valuing the thought leadership position of an organisation and comparing it with other organisations. Knowledge products are developed in cooperation with organisations, communications firms, communications professionals, knowledge institutes and naturally FHBC professors, teachers and students.

We share our ‘knowledge products’ through in-company and other seminars, lectures, workshops and national and international online and print publications. We apply the knowledge developed for the continuous professionalisation and innovation of the education offered at Fontys School of Business and Communication. We also offer guest lectures at our national and international colleagues’ educational institutions.