Toolbox Information Literacy

In our society digital skills are becoming more and more important. Especially skills to find and process information (21st century skills). Libraries and teachers play an important role in this process. The Education & Research Department has developed a Toolbox Information Literacy, in collaboration with the Fontys Libraries.

In this Toolbox Information Literacy you find materials to teach information literacy to students. Librarians and teachers can use these materials to set up workshops and courses. This can be done using learning goals, but also by searching for specific subjects.

From APA guidelines to Search Strategy, from Assessment Criteria to User guides for Databases: the various materials are always related to developing information skills.

The Toolbox contains an extensive user guide in which the use and functionalities of the Toolbox are explained.

For extra information concerning the Toolbox, of Workshops Information Literacy, contact the library at your location.

You can find the Toolbox Information Literacy here:
Toolbox Information Literacy Fontys

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