-Tips & Tricks

How does work?

When you click an article in the search result, you are usually automatically redirected to the full article.
Sometimes you see a banner at the top of the screen with a link that you can click if the article does not appear.
If the article is not automatically presented on the screen, the "Link Resolver" will appear. In this screen you see several options to open the article.
- Links to the article. These link directly to the article.
- Links to the e-journal. These link to the journal as a whole. Note down beforehand the volume and issue, and then you can browse the journal.
- Links to the databases. These link to the database as a whole; you need to perform a new search within the database.
If all three of these options don't work, please inform the administrator of

N.B. News items, editorials and other snippets can't be linked because of incomplete metadata. These are often snippets of less than 1 page and mostly don't mention an author, titel or DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

Refine your search results

If you found too many search results or the results are not specific enough, refine your search results with the use of filters of by ajusting your search terms.

  • Refine your search result (a.o. Full Text Online, Scholarly and Peer Review, Library Catalog)
  • Content Type (a.o. Journal Article, Magazine Article, eBook
  • Discipline
  • Subject terms (terms shown are related to the search term)
  • Publication Date
  • Library Location (printed material)
  • Language
  • Use more specific search terms
  • Perform a search in the recommended databases (on top of the search result)

Enlarge your search result

Didn't you find enough items, or even none at all? Enlarge your search result by search by using a broader query.

  • Use broader search terms
  • Use other search terms (synonyms)
  • Perform a search in the recommended databases (at the top of the search result).
  • Check this box: Add results beyond your library's collection. N.B. These publications are not full text available, but you can request them through ILL at the library.

Advanced Search

Open Advanced Search by clicking the arrow behind the search button.

You can use specific fields to search: a.o.: subject terms, author, title words, ISBN/ISSN.
You can specify the relation between the term with boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT).
Use the filters to refine your search.

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