As an employee or student, you can borrow books from the collections of the Fontys libraries free of charge with your Fontys card. External borrowers can apply for an external borrowing card at one of the libraries.

Borrowing goes as follows

Through Fontys Finder, you can search for books available in the collections by author, title, or subject, for example.

On location

Are you at a location and want to borrow a book right away? Click on the desired title and look up the location code of the book. A number-letter code indicates the book's place in the bookcase. You can check out the book at the self-service unit or the desk. The general rule is that you may not have more than 15 books in your possession.

At home

Are you looking for a book at home, or is the book you want to borrow not available at your location, or has it been lent? In that case, you can reserve a book. You can do this online or at the library desk.

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