Fontys University of Applied Sciences states that information facilities must be organized nearby or be part of the educational process. On the basis of this principle, the Fontys institutes have established a vision statement regarding the Libraries.

General Vision:

The Library (either physical or digital) must function as an inspiring knowledge, learning and meeting centre for education and the partners in professional practice.

Core Library Functions:

  • Providing a learning and working environment for students and teaching staff.
  • Providing an accessible collection that is relevant to professional practice.
  • Promoting and fostering Information Literacy.
  • Making corporate knowledge products accessible to society.

Principles for Library Services and Products:

  • The Library is an essential component for maintaining the quality and currency of the education provided.
  • Each Library is an integrated component of a Fontys institute.
  • The Library connects with professional practice, both physically and digitally.
  • Within the core Library functions, custom-made services may be provided.
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