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Regular services resumed

As of the new academic year, the regular services of the media libraries will be available again. Check the websites of the individual library locations for the current opening times.

Penalty scheme

From September 27, the penalty scheme will be in force again. Until September 27, materials can still be returned or extended without penalty.

Sending books

For students and employees who are unable to visit a Fontys location, the extra service with regard to sending books will remain available for the time being. Books can be requested by e-mail, if not available digitally. The requested books are sent to the home address.
Borrowed books can be returned free of charge by post.

Students can contact the media library of the relevant location to borrow (and return) AV materials. The media libraries ensure that the issue and intake is done in a safe manner.

Sending books depending on the nearest study place to:

Mediatheek Tilburg -- Materialen inleveren, Antwoordnummer 454, 5000 VB Tilburg
Mediatheek Eindhoven -- Materialen inleveren, Antwoordnummer 10069, 5600 VB Eindhoven
Mediatheek Venlo -- Materialen inleveren, Antwoordnummer 1086, NL-5900 VB Venlo
Mediatheek Sittard -- Materialen inleveren, Antwoordnummer 1040, 6130 VB Sittard

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