The Fontys Library helps you find subject-related knowledge for your study, research, or career. Fontys makes an extensive collection of online and physical information resources available. Our information specialists are ready to support you in finding the correct information.

Find the correct information straight away

Many resources of information made available by Fontys can be easily searched using Fontys Finder. Information resources that are not searchable with Fontys Finder (for example, figures and visual material), can be found in all databases.

This is Fontys Finder, the new search tool from Fontys

From 2022 onwards, Fontys Finder will be the place where students, teachers and researchers can find information resources that have been made available by Fontys.

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A-Z Databases

View all the databases made available by Fontys. You will find all databases with (full-text) articles, e-books, and videos in an alphabetical overview. Click on the name for access and a short description.

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A-Z Databases

How can I...

  • With the Fontys Finder search tool you can search many (digital) resources suitable for you study. Fontys Finder offers various search options so that you can search by subject or type of information (book, e-book, magazine article, etc.).
  • You can find an overview of all the information resources available within Fontys on the A-Z list of databases.
  • On the webpage of your library location with resources of information specifically relevant to your study programme.
Fontys has various physical library locations. At these library locations, you will find an overview of all the Fontys library locations with opening hours and contact details.

Are you working on your literature search and could use some help? The information specialists at the library will be pleased to help you. Approach your library location or information specialist to request support.

You can find more modules in your search process in the Toolbox information skills.

The online course Searchwise will teach you all about searching, assessing, selecting and handling sources for the purpose of your study. The course consists of the following modules, on basic and advanced level:

  • From research question to search terms.
  • Information sources and search methods.
  • Selecting and assessing sources.
  • Handling sources.
Via Fontys Finder, you can view the materials that you have borrowed. You can also see how you can extend or reserve material.
It is possible to borrow AV materials such as video cameras and voice recorders at many library locations. The range of AV materials on offer differs per location. It is advisable to reserve the desired materials in advance. You can do this by telephone, e-mail or at the information desk of the library. Reserving and borrowing AV materials is only possible at your own library location.
Do you want to publish a thesis in the HBO Knowledge Base? The procedure for this differs per study programme. Watch the HBO Knowledge Base video and ask your graduation coach or coordinator how to proceed with publishing a thesis.

Do you need help? Our information specialists are at your service.

Do you have a question about how you can find information within the Fontys Library? Don’t hesitate to contact the information specialist for your library.

All library locations and information specialists

Tools to help with your search

View the Information Literacy Toolbox

Especially for information specialists and teachers within Fontys

The Toolbox Information Literacy contains (teaching) material for training students in information skills. Information specialists and teachers at Fontys can use these materials to arrange workshops and lessons. You can do this based on lesson objectives or by searching by subject. From APA rules to a search plan, from assessment criteria to manuals for databases: the materials are diverse but always related to making students information literate. The toolbox contains an extensive manual on its use and functionalities.

Want to know more?

Contact the library or information specialist at your institute for more information about the toolbox or information literacy workshops in your study programme.

You can use EndNote to create citations or references. EndNote is bibliographic software. It enables you to build up and manage a personal database of bibliographic data. You can install EndNote on your computer via the Fontys Application Portal.

Fontys Hogescholen has a site licence for EndNote. The licence includes the use of EndNote within Fontys Hogescholen and personal use outside Fontys for work or study related to Fontys Hogescholen. The IT Service desk within Fontys Hogescholen is the primary contact for 1st line support.

More information and installation of Endnote

Check the portal of Service IT for information about Endnote and how to install the software.

Search a specific e-journal and save it to your own bookshelf in BrowZine. You can't search for articles here, use our discovery service instead. Or browse through the complete Fontys collection on BrowZine

More info on BrowZine

Set up your own bookshelf with your favourite journals and be notified when new articles are available.
With BrowZine you can:

  • read articles online
  • download and save articles to read offline
  • export to Endnote, Zotere or other reference managers
  • share articles via social media or e-mail
  • sync between web version and app

Help for BrowZine users
Publishers supported by BrowZine

Sign up for BrowZine on the Web:

and/or download the app for

NB: Staff select library: Fontys Faculty
NB: Students select library: Fontys Students

Privacy Disclaimer

For many databases / digital sources / digital tools it is possible to create a personal account to be able to use functionalities like alerts, saving searches etc.

Before you do this, check the Privacy Statement of this database / digital source / digital tool, to find out which personal data are being saved.
Whether you share your personal data, is your own responsibility.

Fontys University accepts no liability for data breaches from this database / digital source / digital tool.

Working on your thesis or paper at home? Looking for scholarly material for your presentation? Download the free Library Access browserextension and access study material anytime, anywhere from the collection of the Fontys library.

More information and download

Click here to find out more or download the extension directly. Now available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Opera.

How does it work?

The Library Access browser extension from Sage Lean Library simplifies the connection to available digital study materials, wherever and whenever you decide to study. You’ll have access whether you’re studying abroad, in a neighbourhood coffee shop, or at home. Using Library Access means you spend less time searching for research material and more time studying. With a few simple steps you’ll have access. After downloading, the extension will notify you when you’re on a website that your library has a subscription for. Then, it’s just a single click to open the site through the library’s systems and get access to all licensed material on that site.
The browser extension shows an icon in the bookmarks bar. It works almost like a traffic light. If the icon is green, then you have access. A grey icon means that access is prohibited. If the material you’d like to use doesn’t seem accessible, Library Access will automatically check for open access versions of the article. 

Download the Library Access browser extension

Want to take advantage of this free library service? Download it here. The Library Access browser extension is available for the most frequently used browsers. It only works on desktop/laptop. 
Install the extension, select your institution and you are ready to go.

What about my privacy?

By using the Library Access extension you will remain completely anonymous. The Library Access browser extension doesn’t collect any personal information unless you actively share it. And it doesn’t collect your IP address or your device’s unique device IDs.
Do you want know more? You can find the privacy statement of the extension here

Privacy disclaimer

For many databases / digital sources / digital tools it is possible to create a personal account to be able to use functionalities like alerts, saving searches etc.

Before you do this, check the Privacy Statement of this database / digital source / digital tool, to find out which personal data are being saved.
Whether you share your personal data, is your own responsibility.

Fontys University accepts no liability for data breaches from this database / digital source / digital tool. 

All about borrowing, renewing and reserving materials

Library locations

The twelve Fontys library locations have books, magazines, and other materials. This collection is attuned to the study programmes of the location in question. Some locations also lend out AV equipment, such as cameras and voice recorders. Students and employees can use all facilities of the library locations free of charge upon presentation of their Fontys card. Alumni, post-actives, extraneans and external users can apply for a user card to borrow books. They can arrange this on location at the library in question.

Contact your library for questions about the collection and help with searching Fontys Finder or other information resources. Find your information specialist at your own library for help with your search query.

In contact with your informationspecialist

Are you studying at Fontys Hogeschool ICT or Business Management, Education and Technology and do you have questions about the collection or do you want help with information? Please contact the information specialist of your study programme.

Informationspecialist Karin Kremer

Mediatheek BEnT De Rondom

08850 - 75099 / 06 - 30034062

Informationspecialist Frank de Nijs

Hogeschool ICT

08850 - 71937