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Information about studying during the corona pandemic

We shared the most current information on Corona-related decisions, developments or actions from March 2020 through February 2022 through news releases and updates. In the Q&A, we provided answers to frequently asked questions.

As of February 25 2022, the Netherlands reopened and the corona measures scaled down. This eliminated the need for updates and maintenance of the Q&A. The questions and answers under the cards on this page are therefore no longer available. Should one or more of these topics become topical again, we will of course reactivate these cards.

We have been looking forward to this moment and are happy and relieved. At the same time it also means that we have to get used to the new situation. The feelings of uncertainty and fear will not disappear immediately. It remains important that we have an eye and understanding for the differences in how we return to 'normal' and help each other where necessary in this transitional phase.

If you have any questions, you can of course contact the Fontys Customer Contact Centre on 08850 80000 or info@fontys.nl.

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