What should I do if I am infected with coronavirus? (05-03-21)
Within Fontys we use the protocol for handling infections related to the coronavirus. More information through the business office of your program or Fontys International Office.

When should I go into quarantine? (07-09-21)
The RIVM/GGD has adjusted the quarantine rules. In the national quarantine measures, a distinction is made between the rules for unprotected persons and protected persons (by vaccination or by previous infection of corona):

  • Unprotected persons are asked to go into (home) isolation and get tested at the GGD when they have been in close contact with an infected person.
  • Protected persons are asked to monitor their own health situation, they do not have to go into quarantine if they have been in contact with an infected person unless they show symptoms.

It is advised to follow the advice of the GGD on how to act in all cases. In this link you will find the most current rules

Should I report that I am infected with the Coronavirus? (07-09-21)
Fontys would like to have insight into the impact that the Coronavirus has at Fontys. Reports of infection can be made as follows: Report the contamination among students: Report infection employees: Translated with (free version)