Do I have to report that I am infected with the Corona virus? (06-01-20)
Fontys would like to have insight into the impact (direct and indirect) of the Corona virus at Fontys. When you are infected, you report sick according to the usual procedure. Based on the privacy law you do not have to report what is going on with you. In this case we would like to ask you to do so. Insight into the number of infected persons is important to Fontys so that we continue to have insight into possible hotbeds within Fontys and also see where the primary process might be endangered.. Insight into this is also valuable for other matters (living together with the infected person, being in quarantine or being involved in a contact investigation). We would also like to ask you to report this to your supervisor or study advisor.

I have some cold problems, can't I take a test? (09-10-20)
The rule is that if you have a cold, you stay at home. We understand that this is difficult when there is a test on location on the agenda. If you are in possession of a negative test or have an explanation for your complaints) please report it to the company office of your study so that we can possibly make customized arrangements with you.