Your start in times of corona

The situation and guidelines resulting from the corona pandemic are constantly changing, also for higher education. One thing we know for sure: in the new academic year we will have to observe the 1.5 metre distance rule in our buildings and on campus for the time being. We are adapting our education accordingly so that a good mix of face to face education on location and online education is created.
We carefully consider which form of education is best suited to each course, each subject and even each component. The aim is of course always to transfer knowledge, insights and skills in the best possible way. In practice, this means that, in addition to lectures and work seminars, explanatory instruction videos are also made and that instructors are available online for questions or further explanation. Individual coaching conversations can also take place online.

Not all parts of the curriculum can be given online. For practical subjects or certain group activities, our students really need to come to school. Moreover, we find it important that our students not only keep in touch with tutors and fellow students online, but also have personal contact with each other. This is not only valuable but sometimes simply necessary.

We pay extra attention to this when putting together the timetables. Especially the first year students receive a fair amount of face to face education on location. You will hear from your own study programme exactly what the education will look like.

Blended learning

Fontys education consists of a mix of face-to-face education in which you meet your fellow students and lecturers and teaching activities that take place online. We call this blended learning. What does blended learning mean for you?

Tips from our students for you

Your studies will be a combination of studying on campus and online education.Over the past few months you've probably already discovered that online learning can be quite a challenge. Together with our students we have therefore collected a number of tips for you. These can help you get off to a a good start in your studies.

'Never thought I'd say this, but get up early. And actively seek out contact with your fellow students and lecturers outside of organised moments. That's really helped me to keep going.'

Gijs, bachelor student

  • Your first kickoff is the intro week. We've prepared a great programme for you, so make sure you're there. If you seek out connections yourself, you'll quickly feel at home. That helps you to have an easier start of your studies.
  • Designate a place in your home that's going to be your workplace. This is the place where you'll know, 'this is where I study'. Avoid distractions, keep it tidy and put your to-do's on a list. That way they won't haunt you constantly.
  • Give yourself some time. Some can study from home more easily than others. Especially if you have more people working from home at the same time (roommates/family), it can be a challenge. Talk to each other about when you have online classes, for example, and don't be too hard on yourself if you need some time to get used to the new situation.
  • Make sure you plan well. This will help you to start up your study day. Start and end at a fixed time. Your higher professional education is a full-time job, even if it is partly online.
  • Join the collective moments that your course organises. And organise a joint check-in and check-out with fellow students on a daily basis. Discuss the goals for that day with each other. Did you fail one? Discover why and set new goals for the next day. Find a study buddy, someone with whom you share your questions about your programme and studying. Your fellow students will help you stay on track.
  • Stay connected. Keep a close eye on your programme's portal, Fontysportal and (Fontys)mailbox. Always check them at the end of the day, for example, so that you never fall behind the facts. Study and student associations make it easy for you to get to know your fellow students.
  • Be active in project groups and in online lessons. This way you also make the lessons lively for yourself and keep in touch with your fellow students and teachers. Show yourself. Also literally so turn on your camera if possible. This obliges you to pay attention in lessons.
  • Set yourself achievable and clear goals. At a university of applied sciences you don't always have the natural deadline of an exam. You have to keep an eye on your own planning.
  • Organize fun activities with your fellow students. An online pub quiz, playing sports together online or visit terrace together at a suitable distance. Make your study time a combination of hard work and a lot of fun together.
  • If something's unclear or you're stuck, tell your fellow students and your teachers. Asking questions isn't stupid. There is always someone who knows the answer or who can help you get back on track. Together we'll work it out.

Fontys after the summer: how and what?

Ambience photo Fontys

Online education and teaching on location

Due to the measures concerning Covid-19 it is not possible to study fully on location. You will therefore have to deal with a mix between online education and education on location. But how is that online breakdown? We have put together useful information for you so that you can find your way if you have to deal with online education and blended education.